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Drapia to Hold Lucky Wheel Event with 5000 BUSD and 3-star Dragons NFT Prizes

As part of the initiative to reward its players, Drapia, the dragon-themed play-to-earn game platform, has announced its Lucky Wheel event. The Lucky Wheel event will run from March 1-10, 2022. Participants in the event will have the chance to win 5000 BUSD and 3-star Dragons NFT.

All that a gamer has to do is to get their hands on a box. Suffice to mention that different boxes will offer different quantities of tickets.

Highlights of the Mystery Boxes

Three different mystery boxes are available for the Lucky Wheel. Each has different numbers of tickets and participants can choose any of the boxes for a chance to win the earmarked prizes. Here is the highlight of these boxes.

Rare Box: Although it is rare, it is not the rarest of the three mystery boxes. The Rare Box contains three tickets.

Epic Box: This is a rarer version of the Rare Box. The Epic box has ten tickets that will be included in the lucky Wheel when a participant gets a hold of it.

Divine Box: This is the rarest of them all. Divine Box has thirty tickets in it.

Suffice to mention that the Lucky Wheel is connected to the Windy Challenge, which also gives participants a chance to earn free $9999 Divine Box.

The Windy Challenge is a whitelisting game that offers participants the chance to earn huge rewards, including Box discount coupons, INO whitelisting slots, and Mystery Box NFTs. To participate in both events, players must connect with their metamask.


How to Connect Metamask on Drapia Game Platform

Step 1: Install the MetaMask plugin from Chrome

Step 2: Import your existing wallet, but if you do not have one already, you can easily create a new one.

Step 3: Connect your wallet to the Windy Challenge

Step 4: Follow and complete the Signature Request

Step 5: Start the Windy Challenge

Note that you have to go through the Drapia game platform to access the Windy Challenge. Additionally, the details of the Lucky Wheel event are available on the official game platform.

More Details about Drapia

Drapia is a dragon-themed play-to-earn game platform that offers players the chance to collect materials to sell on the marketplace. Players have access to Mystery boxes that give them access to receive Dragons.

They are to raise and train the Dragons to sell them in the Marketplace. Players can join battles with AI or real players, complete tasks, stake $DMV tokens, and vote in the Drapia DAO.

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