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This Has Been the Evolution of Phantom Galaxies in 2023

Phantom Galaxies takes pride in looking back and reflecting on the milestones achieved in 2023. From the transition from Alpha to Beta to the highly anticipated launch of Early Access, the project has undergone significant growth and has left an indelible mark on the blockchain gaming world.

The first half of the year was marked by building upon the foundations of Alpha episodes. The release of Phantom Galaxies Beta between May and September brought forth several cohorts, each introducing new features. Players were invited aboard the Halberd-001 to explore the expanding universe, experiencing revised versions of Starfighter builds and the multiplayer networked gaming.

Subsequent cohorts delved even deeper into the gaming experience, introducing everything from PvE multiplayer maps to PvP battles. The introduction of the Bounties system added an additional layer of challenge, with regular missions requiring the assistance of Rangers throughout the stellar system.

The launch of The Ceres Quadrant in August allowed players to venture into unexplored territories, facing asteroid fields and collecting Hermesium. This game not only expanded the reach of the Phantom Galaxies universe but also paved the way to unlock the full utility of players’ Planet NFTs.

The Phantom Galaxies Team Promises to Keep Working Continuously on Improvements

The world of NFTs also witnessed significant advancements. The ability for Planet Genesis owners to finally mint their official Planet NFTs marked a crucial milestone. The introduction of Planet Catalysts allowed players to influence the traits of their Planets, providing true agency and ownership in the Web3 world.

Phantom Galaxies took its innovations worldwide, participating in Web3 and gaming events across the globe. From Tokyo to Dubai and Singapore. The project was showcased at various summits and conferences, receiving tremendous support from international audiences.

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The expansion went beyond the boundaries of the game, incorporating narrative content beyond the gaming medium. Animated shorts, prose stories, and community-driven adventures contributed to enriching the rich tradition of its universe.

The highlight of the year came with the release of Early Access. Marking the beginning of a new phase of the game. With widespread fixes and polishing. Early Access allowed for the first-time use of Avatar and Starfighter NFTs in the game. Fulfilling a dream from the earliest days of Phantom Galaxies.

Looking ahead to 2024, they promise to continue refining the Early Access experience. With increased language support. The introduction of new cooperative gaming features. And a significant redesign of the Ranger Corps’ home base, Halberd-001. The team is committed to providing an even more immersive experience.

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