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Mobox is Ready to Continue Advancing in 2024

MOBOX, the leading blockchain gaming platform, has unveiled its roadmap for the year 2024, marking a significant period in its evolution and growth. The company takes pride in its shift towards a co-created and co-governed game production model, where the community plays a vital role in decision-making and content enrichment.

One of the highlights is the launch of Dragonverse Neo, a 3D open world touted as the first of its kind on the Bitcoin Layer 2 (BTC L2). This release is crafted to provide players with a unique and immersive experience, featuring innovative mechanics, integrated in-game tokenomics, user-generated content (UGC) construction, an open workshop and marketplace, as well as advanced PvE and PvP gameplay systems.

Furthermore, MOBOX is focused on establishing a co-created and co-governed open economy. The platform will empower each user to personalize the game through a user-friendly 3D engine, encouraging continuous community-driven content contribution. Tools for user development, workshops, and an open marketplace for publishing and trading user-generated items will be introduced.

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MOBOX Aims for Co-Creation and Co-Governance

The development team is also committed to enhancing the game engine, aiming to enrich content, accelerate game iteration, and improve the overall quality of the user experience. Technical details about the engine’s capabilities have been revealed, including multi-camera support, physics simulation, and a level jump interface, among others.

In the realm of gaming Layer 2 solutions, MOBOX introduces “Desolator,” a comprehensive Web3 gaming solution for efficient and rapid development. This Layer 2 will leverage $MBOX as the native gas token, fostering active community participation through staking and governance. This new layer is expected to expedite game deployment and enhance the overall efficiency of the ecosystem.

Additionally, MOBOX plans a complete rebranding, with updates to the website, logo, and visual improvements across all platforms.

The year 2024 presents itself as an exciting period for the company, where the gaming community will play a central role in the platform’s evolution, contributing to the development and governance of its innovative games.

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