Cryptoverse Announces Land Claiming Tokens
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Cryptoverse Announces Land Claiming Tokens

Cryptoverse, a 3D play-to-earn game metaverse, has announced the distribution of its ERC-20 LAND claiming tokens in preparation for the Cryptoverse LAND minting event coming up in June. Participating users will require these tokens to participate in the upcoming minting event.

According to the game metaverse, the model enables a seamless cross-platform, cross-chain solution for all contributors of Cryptoverse LAND. The game platform also revealed that the goal of the launch of its land picker tool and the claim tokens is to equip LAND owners in selecting their choice locations.

It also aims to make the minting process easier for participants. Additionally, it will significantly improve the overall user experience.

Highlights of the LAND Claiming Tokens Distribution

According to a previous press release from the game metaverse, all single parcel claim tokens have been minted and distributed through the Polygon platform to reduce the gas fees and enhance user experience.

If you are eligible for the LAND Claiming tokens, you should check your wallet. If you cannot see the token in your wallet, you should include the Cryptoverse Single Parcel contract address on the Polygon Network (0x86ecd87a384D623f34230f283362948bf5904147).

The metaverse also mentioned that all estate claim tokens of different sizes have been distributed successfully on Ethereum. Suffice to mention that Ethereum is a secure blockchain that supports reliable transactions.


Details of the Contract Address for the Estate LAND Claiming Tokens on Ethereum

  • Small: 0x7fa38443E5caEc9F8D9c3fC37CD1daE2A523d2f2
  • Medium: 0xDCb620d7e340c11919d580f1959D0c770F53D23B
  • Large: 0x2060599F7A1523B65b23aAC59570C8984e693D7a
  • Giant: 0xfCe6cd2408f997a6Fd6E74aE2E3Cc9301bEC373b
  • Epic: 0x66e6f738a835D1Ad412DcA933fb4FCD7a84Ee217

Cryptoverse recommends that users join its Discord platform to get assistance with finding the ERC-20 claim tokens in the user’s account. Individuals that have difficulty in adding the contract addresses on Ethereum or Polygon networks manually should also join the Cryptoverse Discord to get assistance from the team.

More Important Information on Cryptoverse LAND

The metaverse warned that users should not fractionalize the ERC-20 claim token as doing so will make the fractionalized amount ineligible to produce LAND. It also encourages supporters not to trade their ERC-20 claim tokens before the commencement of the minting event as doing so may expose users to malicious activities or scam attempts.

Holders of the tokens will have access to mint LAND in June where holders can use the innovative and custom-build LAND Selector Tool to select the location of their land from the six Cryptoverse zones.

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