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Cryptoverse LAND Presale turned Out a Huge Success

Cryptoverse, a 3D play-to-earn game metaverse, is delighted to announce the success of its LAND Presale event. According to the game platform, the team has been busy since the completion of the sales, making significant development progress and consolidating information, among others.

Cryptoverse revealed massive support from LAND contributors leading to an exceptionally successful raise on Polkastarterhuge turnout on ChainBoost, and massive sales on Binance NFT and Galler

Following the LAND presale, the game platform is set to provide an interactive and innovative approach to LAND claiming. This approach is designed to equip LAND owners through intuitive and flexible selection tools.

Highlights of Cryptoverse Claim Token Distribution

The distribution of the ERC-20 claim tokens for the Cryptoverse LANDs will be available in early May. Cryptoverse will distribute the claim tokens through the contributing wallet that owners used in purchasing the LAND. 

LAND acquired through Binance NFT will be distributed through the wallet used for withdrawing the voucher. Owners do not need to take any action to receive the ERC-20 claim token. Here are more details on the claim token distribution:

  • Buyers of Parcels will receive their claim tokens through Polygon. This will minimize transaction costs and enhance the user experience. Parcels are individual plots of LAND.
  • Buyers of Estates of all sizes will get their claim tokens through the Ethereum Network. Estates are collections of many Parcels.
  • Buyers will use claim tokens to swap for ERC-721 LAND NFTs at the upcoming minting event.cryptoverse

When can Buyers Claim Cryptoverse LAND?

The minting event for Cryptoverse LAND will come up in June. During this event, buyers will be able to use the innovative and custom-built LAND Selector Tool to select the location of their LAND from the available six Cryptoverse zones that are open to the public. 

These zones include The Hub, Education, Game & Entertainment, Underworld, Business, and High Culture. It should be noted that location availability will be based on a first-come, first-served. Therefore, buyers should stay alert for further announcements on the minting event through the official Cryptoverse channels.

The Cryptoverse metaverse is designed to empower users to fulfill the potential of their imaginations and get rewarded for their time, effort, and energy put into bringing their imagination to life. LAND minting in the Cryptoverse will allow users to partake in the future development in the metaverse.

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