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Axie Infinity Releases and Implements New Axie Infinity Origin Updates

Axie Infinity, the renowned play-to-earn, battle-collect-and-build game metaverse, has announced the deployment of new updates to Origin. During the implementation of the maintenance and updates, the game will be temporarily down until the maintenance is complete.

Players can look forward to the addition of new and exciting features as well as some bug fixes on the game platform.

What New Updates to Expect?

Axie Infinity will be adding some new features and updates in Origin to give players a better gaming experience. The highlights of what players can expect in the new updates include the following:

  • Reset the leaderboard rankings
  • Removal of bots from matchmaking within arena battles for higher ranks and Boar
  • Reworking of the matchmaking algorithm
  • Updates on the quantity of Victory Stars needed for each rank and tier
  • Updates on the quantity of Victory Stars received from Boar and higher ranks

axie infinity

What Improvements and Bug Fixes have been Made?

To give a better game experience, Axie Infinity has also made some improvements to its gaming platform. It also fixed some bugs that may otherwise have hampered the seamless experience of players while on the game platform. Here are the highlights of the improvement and bug fixes that have been performed in Origin:

  • The leaf effect has been deactivated and would no longer be activated during the turn of an opponent.
  • Scorch/Burn effects have been improved and now precisely deal DMG per card in hand at the end of your opponent’s turn.
  • The Calcium Armor Rune effect has also been deactivated during the opponents’ turn. 
  • Larva card will no longer offer Energy after you have discarded a Secret card.

These are the new updates, improvements, and bug fixes that have been performed on the Origin. As soon as the whole maintenance process is complete, games will be restored and players can access their favorite game again with a better experience.

More Information about Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game that is partially owned and managed by players. The game platform offers players the opportunity to earn AXS tokens when they play. They also use the token to determine the future of the game.

Since the launch, the game platform has witnessed over 2.8 million daily active players and about $3.6 billion has been traded at the in-house marketplace of Axie Infinity. 

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