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Axie Infinity Releases New Axie Origin Updates 

Axie Infinity, the play-to-earn gaming metaverse, is committed to providing a top-notch gaming experience to its teeming players. The gaming platform has recently announced that it will be deploying new updates for Axie Origin to fix some bugs and perform necessary updates

Due to this, the game will temporarily be inaccessible and down for maintenance. As soon as the maintenance is completed, the game will be restored and players will have access to the gaming platform again.

As mentioned, there are several updates and bug fixes that will be carried out on Axie Origin. First, there will be balancing updates for Card, Charm, Rune, and Status Effects. The details of these can be found on the Axie Substack platform. 

Additionally, the turn duration for the PVP battles has also been updated. Players can now engage in PVP battles for sixty seconds instead of the original 45 seconds

axie infinity

What Other Updates are made in Axie Origin?

Axie Infinity has also fixed several bugs in the gaming platform to ensure that players have a more seamless gaming experience. Here are the highlights of some of the bugs that have been fixed.

  • The bubble will no longer minimize DMG from the Shoal Star and Poison.
  • Oranda will no longer disperse rune effects in-game.
  • Gifting or selling of Axies will henceforth unequip its charms and runes.
  • Previously, the bonus damage of Lam gets triggered irrespective of the HP. However, this has been fixed and the issue resolved.
  • With the new update, Thorny Caterpillar will only deal bonus damage just to debuff the targeted enemies.
  • The Tiny Dino is now capped at 120-damage, which was the original intention of the game platform.

More Details about Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game platform partially operated and owned by players. Players on the game platform can earn $AXS tokens when they play. The token is also the governance token used for deciding the future of the gaming metaverse.

Players can participate in the Axie battle and build powerful teams of Axies to conquer the enemies. Each Axie possesses exceptional strengths and weaknesses, which depend on their genes.

There are billions of likely genetic combinations for the Axies, making the possibilities infinite. Players can also explore Arena battles, go on adventures, breed Axies, and then sell them.

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