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Axie Infinity Set to Launch Bug Fixes and Improvements to its Origin

Axie Infinity, a popular play-to-earn game platform, has announced that it will be launching bug fixes and improvements to Origin today, April 14, 2022. Some new things have been added to give players a more seamless and adventurous experience in the metaverse.

In terms of what is new in the game metaverse, Charms and Runes are available and have been unlocked. All players can access these features in the game. Additionally, usernames can now be changed.

Highlights of Bug Fixes and Improvements

Axie Infinity has made some improvements and bug fixes on the platform. Here are the highlights:

  • First turn energy has been reduced to two and there will be no additional energy or energy coin for the second turn
  • Axie Infinity has buffed the Revenge cards
  • It has also fixed lagging Axies in some countries
  • Axie visuals have been updated
  • Players can no longer add Moonshards to craft utility slots
  • The Cerastes soft lock bug has been fixed
  • Staying indefinitely after stunning an opponent twice has also been fixed
  • Card history and secret cards status is not shown in the game anymore
  • Sturdy Fighter Rune applied to multi-hit attacks has also been fixed
  • Players can no longer disenchant equipped Charms and Runes

axie infinity

These are the latest updates that will be carried out on Axie Infinity Origin today. The game platform has assured its players that it will continue to update Origin aggressively as players and researchers send in bug reports and feedback. Players can also expect a lot of fast iterations and balancing batches shortly.

More Details about Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a digital nation that offers its community members a platform to battle, collect, and earn. The game metaverse is a virtual world of adorable but fierce pets known as Axies. These beings are used to battle, collect, and earn cryptocurrencies with real value.

To participate in the game metaverse, players must first set up their digital wallets, buy Axies and then download the game to play. Players earn AXS tokens when they play the game. The AXS is also used as the governance token in the game metaverse.

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