The Sandbox 2023 Roadmap
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The Sandbox Outlines its 2023 Roadmap

The Sandbox has unveiled its 2023 roadmap, detailing its plans for the new year. This press release also entails past achievements within the last 12 months. They range from land sales and partnerships to office openings and empowerment programs.

More than 300 agencies and studios joined Sandbox over the last 12 months. The partnerships revolve around web3 strategy, asset and experience creation, and marketing activations. In addition, the team partnered with 400+ brands last year. This amount is twice the number that they recorded in 2021.

The development team localized VoxEdit and Game Maker to languages like Mandarin, Portuguese and Korean. They also supported more than 100 independent studios with over $12 million Game Maker Fund. Sandbox launched 7 significant Land sales across 3 regional neighborhoods. The blockchain gaming outfit now has 5 new offices in the UK, Canada, Singapore, Thailand and Uruguay.

Details of The Sandbox 2023 Roadmap

The Sandbox Ecosystem Partners

The Sandbox announced when unveiling the 2023 roadmap that it will drive more business by launching the Partners resources HUB and the Partners Directory. These initiatives will provide agencies with vital information and match them to brands that require their expertise.

As mentioned in an earlier update, the Game Maker V0.8 will also be dropping in 2023. With this tool available, players can create a more fun and immersive experience for themselves. Even better, Sandbox is making this instrument more accessible by introducing new local languages. The developers understand that content will be the significant factor in onboarding new users to the metaverse.

To support the creativity of Sandmasters, the game will only build with brands that support the web3 culture. They will follow the likes of Ubisoft, Atari, WMG, Adidas, Gucci, Balenciaga, and many more. This process will ensure a more community-centered approach, guarantee effective communication and promote co-creation of assets and experiences.

Sandbox wants to drive significant engagement this year by providing immersive experiences for players. In addition, it will enable brands to leverage on storytelling and scriptwriting. This will enable them to build very loyal audiences and shift to an Ownership Relationship Management (ORM) system that is centered around high value NFTs.

Players and creators can join the Partners program and help onboard new brands to The Sandbox. Simply visit this guide to learn how to become part of the agencies or studios.

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