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Sandbox Unveils Game Maker 0.8

Sandbox has given members of its community insights into the next version of the Game Maker – 0.8. This press release includes features to expect from this upcoming edition. It also encompasses gaming improvements that will drop alongside this debut.

The team promises a more immersive gameplay in 2023. This includes support for virtual reality equipment. In addition, content creators will be able to engage players much better than before. However, they did not set an exact day as regarding the release date of this upgrade. Nonetheless, players can start creating experiences already.

Details of the Sandbox Game Maker 0.8

One of the highlights for the Sandbox Game Maker 0.8 is multiplayer gaming. Very soon, players will be able to compete against each other, survive together and interact better. This includes engaging in races to parkour or jointly participating in obstacle courses. There are no limits as to what you can do in collaboration.

Besides multiplayer, there will be other forms of user interaction. For example, members will be able to publish social hub experiences in the draft gallery. This means that everyone can create social spaces within the Sandbox metaverse and invite others to join them. In addition, users can display their wearables and equipment in these hubs.

Sandbox Game Maker 0.8 Visual Effects

Meanwhile, the emote wheel will feature different avatar animations. This will enable players to express themselves in more unique ways. Besides in-game characters, there will be visual effects to ensure immersive gameplay. This will feature primarily in concerts and other areas involving user interaction.

Some of these optical impressions include:

  • Point lights and spotlights during metaverse shows and performances.
  • Ambient lighting to effect change in weather. This applies to preset or customized cycles.
  • Post-process effect camera behavior that changes in line with the range of player position.

Sandbox will enable audio and video streaming features in the Game Maker 0.8. This will encourage content diversity and better viewing experience for parties and IRL footage. Besides the experience, this new addition will offer subtle clues about puzzles.

Meanwhile, the team is working towards upgrading tools that will boost productivity. Such that building within the metaverse will be more efficient.

This includes the following:

  • Invisible and no-collision scripting actors,
  • Quick access to the library menu
  • Frequently used presets for lighting, effects, and weather.

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