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Cryptoverse Opens Registration for Early Access Playtest

A 3D metaverse, Cryptoverse, has announced the opening of the registration for the first batch of playtesters to test the world’s most ambitious metaverse. Participants will have the opportunity to explore the photorealistic Unreal Engine 5 universe and assist in shaping its future. 

The playtest starts on January 25, and the registration is currently ongoing. The landmark event will enable a maximum of 500 players to test different core features to be launched on Cryptoverse.

Highlights of What to Expect in the Cryptoverse Early Access Playtest

Participants will get transported into a completely immersive metaverse with photorealistic graphics and different interactive features. Pioneering participants in the metaverse will be able to explore the avatar tool and customize their style. 

Also, they will explore the vast cityscape with multifaceted interiors, the Central Business District Area. Participants can also attend a presentation at the event auditorium and race through the streets in the metaverse in futuristic vehicles. They can also team up or fly solo to build structures with the real-time, intuitive in-game builder tool.

Participants will earn exclusive POAPs and participate in an in-metaverse competition with exciting rewards. Cryptoverse also mentioned that it will create a Discord server for playtesters where they can provide feedback to help shape the metaverse evolution.cryptoverse

How to Register to Participate in the Cryptoverse Early Access Playtest

As mentioned by the game platform, the opportunity to participate is open to only the first 500 users to register. Moreover, the registration is ongoing and will close on January 18, 2023. Cryptoverse will contact all successful applicants on January 20 with details on how to access the event. 

Interested participants can find more details about the event and the latest development on the platform through Twitter or Cryptoverse Discord.

What is Cryptoverse?

Cryptoverse is an immersive 3D virtual world created in Unreal Engine 5. Users can create, govern, own, and monetize their experiences within the vibrant virtual economies and environments.

The game platform is powered by ChainGuardians, a team dedicated to upholding the power of digital ownership. Also, the team does this through innovative, imaginative, and original experiences weaved into Web3, Metaverse ecosystems, and Digital Collectibles. 

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