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My Neighbor Alice Launches Adventure Contest with Prizes in $ALICE Tokens


  • My Neighbor Alice presents “Adventure Contest”: five weeks of challenges for players with juicy prizes in $ALICE.
  • Weekly challenges aim to strengthen the community: each week, a new challenge will promote active participation and camaraderie among players.
  • From creative screenshots to solving riddles: participants will showcase their skills in various in-game activities. Such as photography, fishing, and problem-solving.

My Neighbor Alice introduces “Adventure Contest,” an event where players can participate in weekly challenges and compete for prizes in $ALICE. Over five weeks, participants will face different challenges that will test their skills in the game.

The contest is designed to encourage active participation from the community and foster bonds among players. Each week, a new challenge will be launched. Offering players the opportunity to earn points and demonstrate their prowess in various in-game activities.

The first challenge, titled “Snap & Share,” requires players to capture a moment in the game with as many players as possible and share it on Twitter. Creativity and the number of participants in the photo will determine the winner.

my neighbor alice

My Neighbor Alice Focuses Its Event on Twitter

The second challenge, “Fishing Frenzy,” will test players’ fishing skills. They must showcase a screenshot of their inventory filled with fish on Twitter. Showcasing their fishing ability and displaying a wide variety of species.

The third challenge, “Riddle Quest,” will be a tough test of participants’ wit. They must solve a riddle, find the specified character, and capture the moment in a shared image on Twitter.

For the challenges in the fourth and fifth weeks, players will beautify their land plots with flowers and plants in “Farmyard Blooms,” and, like in the other events, share it on Twitter. Creativity and design will be crucial to impress the judges and earn additional points.

Participants will accumulate points based on their participation and success in each challenge. At the end of the contest, the top ten participants with the most points will be recognized as winners and receive a prize in $ALICE.

The contest represents an excellent opportunity for players to showcase their skills and compete for the abundant prizes at stake.

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