Nakamoto Games Announces New Projects in Weekly Development Sprints
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Nakamoto Games Develops Multiplayer 8 Ball Pool

Nakamoto Games, a play to earn platform has announced its plans to launch a multiplayer 8 ball pool game.  This update follows earlier announcements of the launch of Spooky Run, an endless runner game. According to the press release, this effort highlights the blockchain gaming outfit’s plan to create the world’s first GameFi ecosystem.

The firm is committed to expanding the variety of games available to players. It believes that it will be able to accommodate diverse players into its community. Even better, it will be able to keep existing users entertained by expanding the options that are available to them. Hence, it is making maximum efforts into improving the NAKAverse.

Following this announcement on the weekly sprint, Nakamoto Games also reveals that it will focus on developing the new multiplayer 8 Ball pool this week. During this period, it will concentrate on deploying key elements to the game. This will include working on both the frontend and backend of gameplay to add user-friendly features and designs.

Developmental Focus of The Nakamoto Games Team on the New Multiplayer 8 Ball Pool Game

Nakamoto Games 8 Ball Pool

During this week, the Nakamoto Games dev team will focus on certain aspects of the new Multiplayer 8 Ball pool. The major focal points include the implementation of buildings in its metaverse. Another feature that will also take centre stage in terms of development is the incorporation of calculators for in-game assets.

Frontend Development

  • Implement quest promotion for players.
  • Complete the installation of payment systems into NAKAVERSE.
  • Incorporate the calculator into the NAKAVERSE.
  • Implement a new game loading progress page
  • Complete the implementation of the multiplayer feature into 8 Ball Pool

Backend Development

  • Implement quest promotion for players.
  • Add the email notification for installment payment in NAKAVERSE
  • Support API for the NAKAVERSE calculator
  • Implement 8 Ball Pool (multiplayer game).

Quality Assurance and Testing

  • Automate testing.
  • Manual browsers testing

Smart Contract

  • Review and test material vault
  • Support frontend marketplace v2 contract.

Game Design and Polishing

  • Planning for the third phase of the NAKAVERSE.

Game Dev and Background Work

  • Incorporate the multiplayer function into the new 8 Ball Pool.
  • Implement NAKAVERSE building
  • Pair programming with the frontend team for the loading page.

Besides the focus on the new game, there will still be general developments to the Nakamoto Metaverse. For example, the third phase of the Nakaverse will be a priority for the dev team. Despite giving insights into the new form of gameplay, it did not mention the date of the release.

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