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Splinterlands Celebrates its 6th Anniversary With a New Social Media Challenge


  • Splinterlands has launched a social media challenge to commemorate its sixth anniversary, inviting players to share their experiences in the game.
  • Participants can share how they discovered Splinterlands, their achievements in the game, and their future goals, as well as offer advice to new players.
  • The challenge is being conducted across various social media platforms and utilizes specific hashtags like #splinterlands and #play2earn to increase the visibility of the posts.

Splinterlands, a gaming platform, has announced a special social media challenge to celebrate its sixth anniversary. During the challenge, players will be required to share their experiences, achievements, and aspirations within the game’s universe.

Participants are encouraged to share their stories about how they discovered the game and what has kept them engaged over these six years. From tales of chance encounters to recommendations for new players, the challenge aims to gather a wide range of community experiences.

In addition to sharing their stories, players also have the opportunity to highlight their achievements within Splinterlands. Whether conquering specific leagues, reaching personal milestones, or collecting coveted cards, participants can share their most memorable moments in the game.

The challenge also encourages players to share their future goals within Splinterlands. From aspiring to higher leagues to perfecting gameplay strategies. This is an opportunity for players to reflect on their progress and set goals for the future.

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Splinterlands: 6 Years of Success and Followers

In addition to sharing their own experiences, participants can also offer advice and guidance to new players entering the platform. From battle strategies to resource management tips, the community is expected to share its wisdom and help others thrive.

The challenge will take place across various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. Participants can use hashtags such as #splinterlands, #play2earn, and #ageofthebattlemage to increase the visibility of their posts and connect with other community members.

The deadline to participate in the challenge is next Sunday at 12 pm CDT. Up to two votes per week will be awarded to each participant, prioritizing quality over quantity. Additionally, participants are urged to avoid using multiple accounts to enter the contest, as this will result in penalties.

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