Axie Infinity Origin Early Access
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Axie Infinity Origin Goes Live on Mavis Hub

Axie Infinity’s new ecosystem – Origin is now live for early access release. As such, there will be further upgrades and improvements over the coming weeks and months. Users can download the game via the Mavis Hub website.

New Features in Axie Infinity Origin

Axie Infinity will be introducing some new features in Origin. This is to reward its community members for their support of the development of the new ecosystem. They include the following:

  • This new ecosystem will see to the introduction of Eye and Ear cards.
  • There will also be free Starter Axies for new players. This will enable them to enjoy the gaming experience without having to delve into crypto and NFTs. Even better, there will be certain cards that will be available to non-NFT players. In addition, they will not require SLP to use Runes and Charms.
  • To ensure much faster and more dynamic gameplay, there will be sequential turns.
  • Despite the numerous changes, Axie Infinity is still keeping most cards in line with their original spirit.
  • Cards and Energy will reset with each turn to encourage more aggressive playing styles.
  • Players will be experiencing the Runes and Charms power up for the first time. These are signs of upgrades and progression to the game.
  • There are major upgrades to the appearance of Axies. This will ensure that players get the maximum user experience.
  • On a final note, the Rage mechanic will be replacing critical hits.

How to Play

Axie Infinity Origin Gameplay

All existing players can simply log into Mavis Hub with the same email and password to begin playing. This is because their account has been migrated from Sky Mavis to the new platform. They can also sync their NFTs in Origin by clicking on “Axie” on the home screen. After doing this, simply select the sync button at the top right of the screen.

New players will have to create a new Sky Mavis account. After which they will have to create a Ronin Wallet. Also, they will have to deposit or buy ETH which they can use to buy NFTs. To do so, they will have to link their wallet to the Axie infinity Marketplace.

As part of the new ecosystem, Axie Infinity will be deploying fast adjustments to balance Cards, Runes and Charms. As such, players should not make final decisions using the current dynamic. Furthermore, there will be a reset on all in-game power-ups.

As it is still in its early access stage, there will be no SLP or AXS rewards for now. V2 Battles will continue to operate in a parallel mode until the game is ready to move the rewarding system to Origin. Updates on this transition will be announced over the next few weeks. This time will enable the dev team to implement the feedback from Lunacians.

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