Axie Infinity Origin Eye Cards
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Axie Infinity Launches the Origin Eye Cards

Following the Origin series and in preparation of the new ecosystem, Axie Infinity is launching the Orgin Eye Cards. As with Mouth, Ear, Tail and Horns, this deck will offer its own boosters during the course of gameplay. Here is a sneak peek at this new pack.

Details of the Axie Infinity Origin Eye Cards.

The Axie Infinity Origin Eye Cards will feature the following type of boosters: Plant, Reptile, Beast, Bug, Aquatic, and Bird.


The plant cards contains the following power ups:

  • Papi: Draw this this card to target and ally heal it by 20 HP.
  • Cucumber Slice: Heals your team and applies 5 healing boost.
  • Confusion: shuffle one Confused into your opponents discard pile.
  • Blossom: Get 1 Banish and put 1 Plant card from draw pile into your hand.


With the reptile category, you get the following:

  • Gecko: It loses 50 HP heal and Cleanse 1 on other allies.
  • Tricky: When you draw Tricky as your initial power Up, you can use it to swap for 1 selected Card in your Barnish pile.
  • Topaz: Deal 10 bonus Damage with your banished card anytime you use Topaz.
  • Scar: Get a Banish boost and move 1 reptile card from your draw pile into your hand.

Axie Infinity Origin Eye Cards Details


Here are the beast power ups:

  • Zeal: Move 1 beast card from your draw pile into your hand and get a banish boost when you use Zeal.
  • Puppy: Transfer 1 beast card from your discard pile to your hand and get a banish boost with this power up.
  • Little Peas: Apply Vulnerable for 4 turns with this card.
  • Chubby: Attack all enemies when you draw Chubby


In the Bug deck, you have the following:

  • Bookworm: It puts 1 Bug card into your hand from your bug pile. Also, it gives you the Banish boost.
  • Neo: This will help you look at the top four cards of opponent’s draw pile.
  • Nerdy: Discard up to 2 cards and draw their replacement. You also get the banish power up.
  • Kotaro: Attack 1 random enemy and apply Death Mark for 4 turns.


Aquatic offers the following options:

  • Sleepless: Shuffle 1 Daze into opponent’s discard pile.
  • Gero: Apply fragile for 4 turns.
  • Clear: Discard up to 2 cards and draw 1 or 2 to replace them.
  • Telescope: Get a banish and take 1 Aquatic card from your draw pile into your hand.


From the best pile, you get the following power ups:

  • Mavis: Summon 1 Mavis.
  • Little Owl: All Little Owl cards will help your Axie deal 6 Damage during battle.
  • Robin: Summon a little Robin.
  • Lucas: Move 1 bird card from your draw pile into your hand. You also get a banish.

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