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Polygon and Immutable Team up to Take WEB3 Gaming to the Next Level

The leading web3 gaming platform Immutable has decided to collaborate with Polygon, a development and growth team for top Ethereum scaling blockchain protocol for web3 game development. 

Sounds fun, no? Well, it’s not only fun for gamers but also a good investment opportunity. Perhaps that’s the reason Polygon and Immutable have managed to raise $2 billion in 2022. Certainly, it will have a positive impact on the multi-billion dollar gaming industry. 

How does this collaboration work? 

Immutable is a global web3 gaming platform bringing digital ownership to each player by offering the world’s best game dev platform as well as games.

On the other hand, Polygon is a growth and development team working to build one of the largest ecosystems of the world for Web3 gaming dApps. They have also worked with Square Enix, Neowiz, Tilting Point, and Midnight Society. 


This collaboration will create an ecosystem to simplify decision-making for game developers and studios while being a safe platform for business owners. Therefore, young entrepreneurs are reluctant to enter the web3 gaming industry because they are aware of the lack of enterprise-grading and scalable tools. 

This partnership will not only allow game developers and studios to build high-quality web3 games but also enable them to claim in-game assets ownership truly.

Why should you look forward to this partnership? 

Immutable and Polygon’s partnership has given birth to Immutable zkEVM. Polygon technology powers a new and exciting zk-rollup which is also compatible with EVM supporting Immutable platform completely. 

And the purpose of creating Immutable zkEVM is to make web3 game development faster, less risky, and easier for both large game studios and independent game developers with limited budgets. 

Polygon is widely known as the holy grail of Ethereum and they know how to cash their popularity. Polygon’s zkEVM technology lowers transaction processing fees and time significantly. Not only that, it is fully compatible with Ethereum which is why it retains Ethereum’s robust security model too. 

Both Immutable and Polygon are famous worldwide. They have significantly improved their growth rate over the past few years and have great ties with the Ethereum community. According to Ryan Watt, Polygon Lab’s President, this partnership is a monumental step forward to empower game developers and enable them to own their in-game assets. 

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