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Nakamoto Games Announces Strategic Integration with Base and Coinbase Wallet to Enhance Gaming Experience


  • Nakamoto Games integrates Coinbase wallet into its $NAKA ecosystem to expand its user base and simplify onboarding.
  • The integration with Base aims to enhance settlement processes in the Nakaverse, providing faster, efficient, and secure transactions.
  • Additionally, Nakamoto Games explores integrating Optimism stack to strengthen its technical infrastructure for meeting the complex needs of blockchain gaming.

Nakamoto Games, a leading platform in blockchain gaming development, has announced significant updates aimed at strengthening its ecosystem and enhancing user experience. The platform has chosen to integrate Coinbase Wallet into its $NAKA ecosystem to broaden its user base and streamline their onboarding process.

This integration will allow users to access Nakamoto Games’ games and services more easily and quickly. Removing entry barriers and facilitating participation in the $NAKA ecosystem. Furthermore, it will provide users with greater security and confidence by utilizing a widely recognized and reliable wallet like Coinbase Wallet.

Additionally, Nakamoto Games is exploring integration with Base, a Layer 2 solution compatible with EVM developed by Coinbase. This integration seeks to improve settlement processes in the #NAKAVERSE, offering faster, more efficient, and secure transactions for users.

Nakamoto Games Maximizes the Potential of Coinbase

The technical proposal for integrating with Base includes developing a Layer 3 rollup specifically optimized for gaming within the Nakaverse. This rollup will be designed to handle the unique demands of gaming transactions. Ensuring a smooth and lag-free gaming experience for users.

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Finally, Nakamoto Games is considering the possibility of integrating the Optimism stack into its Layer 3 solution to further strengthen its technical infrastructure. This exploration aims to achieve interoperability and shared governance among different layer solutions. Creating a cohesive and scalable network that can meet the complex needs of blockchain gaming.

The updates announced by Nakamoto Games represent a significant advancement in the development and continuous improvement of its ecosystem. Through these strategic integrations, it aims to offer a more accessible and secure gaming experience for all its users.

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