Star Atlas Launches “Starbased” A New Chapter in the SAGE Saga
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Star Atlas Launches “Starbased” A New Chapter in the SAGE Saga


  • Star Atlas Expansion: The “Starbased” update launches a new chapter in the SAGE Saga, introducing a strategic gameplay experience where players build and maintain an intergalactic infrastructure.
  • Economic and Strategic Advancements: New features like Loyalty Points, ATLAS emissions adjustments, and starbase upgrades deepen the gameplay, requiring players to strategize and collaborate within the game’s political factions.
  • Galactic Building and Exploration: “Starbased” offers a play-to-earn experience that combines space exploration with blockchain economy, setting the stage for impactful player decisions and a growing Star Atlas community.

Star Atlas has announced the launch of “Starbased,” a new chapter in the SAGE Saga. This innovative update is set to revolutionize the Star Atlas Golden Era (SAGE) by introducing a collaborative, strategic gameplay experience that allows players to build and maintain a vast intergalactic infrastructure within the Galia Expanse.

Starbased is a major advancement for the Star Atlas economy, allowing players to participate in multiplayer missions that benefit all political factions in the game as they compete for dominance. This update brings new gameplay features like Loyalty Points (LP), adjustments to ATLAS emissions, Council Rank Experience Points (XP), Epochs, and starbase improvements and maintenance.

These additions promise to add depth and immersion to the SAGE experience, challenging players to strategize and collaborate like never before. At the core of the “Starbased” expansion is the development and maintenance of numerous starbases scattered across the Galia Expanse. Players will find that beyond the Central Space Stations of each faction, other sector space stations will now begin as tier 1 structures, requiring significant upgrades and maintenance to become fully operational. 

To support their faction’s infrastructure, players must create a complete supply chain, which includes important tasks like upgrading and maintaining starbases.

Star Atlas’s “Starbased”: A Testament to Evolving Blockchain Gaming

Star Atlas Launches “Starbased” A New Chapter in the SAGE Saga

The “Starbased” protocol, which was deployed on April 2, 2024, is designed to prepare captains for an adventure filled with strategic depth. Players are tasked with providing crafted materials for starbase upgrades and locking crewmembers to the starbase for a set period, all while navigating the challenges of space and faction politics.

Starbased is not just a simple update, but rather an exciting opportunity for players to dive into a cosmic journey of building, with choices that can have a huge impact on the game’s economy and the player’s adventure. This new era of expanding across the galaxy sets Star Atlas apart as a unique play-to-earn game, combining the excitement of exploring space with the complexities of blockchain economies.

As the Star Atlas community gears up for this new chapter, the anticipation is palpable. “Starbased” is not just a game update; it’s a testament to the ever-evolving nature of the gaming industry and the potential of blockchain technology to create immersive, collaborative experiences that go beyond traditional gameplay. The stars are the limit, and “Starbased” is ready to take players to new heights in the Star Atlas saga.

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