STEPN Announces Massive Trailblazer Badge Airdrop
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STEPN Announces Massive Trailblazer Badge Airdrop


  • FSL points airdrop for STEPN Trailblazer Badge holders.
  • Visibility of unclaimed points before 24:00 on April 5.
  • Importance of linking STEPN email to FSL ID.

STEPN’s recent announcement regarding the FSL Points Airdrop for Trailblazer Badge holders has generated great excitement within the community.

The update reports that unclaimed points will be visible to users before midnight on April 5, accessible through the official STEPN website.

The company has emphasized the crucial need to link the STEPN email to the FSL ID in order to receive the benefits of the airdrop.

This event represents a unique opportunity for active STEPN participants, as they will receive a special distribution of FSL points, which they can then redeem for GMT or other uses within the STEPN ecosystem.

The company recognizes the importance of keeping its community informed, which is why they have apologized for the small delay in the visibility of unclaimed points.

STEPN Announces Massive Trailblazer Badge Airdrop

The integration between STEPN and FSL has been a significant step

The FSL platform provides a wide range of options for utilizing FSL points, catering to diverse user preferences and needs.

Among these options is the ability to purchase Raffle Tickets on MOOAR, which not only adds excitement to the platform but also expands participation opportunities for users.

By engaging in activities like purchasing Raffle Tickets, users can actively participate in events and potentially earn rewards, contributing to a dynamic and engaging ecosystem.

Ensuring that their STEPN email is correctly linked to their FSL ID before the deadline on April 29 is crucial for individuals interested in receiving the airdrop.

This seamless integration is pivotal in ensuring that users can access and benefit from the rewards associated with their participation in activities and events.

By completing the registration process and following the provided linking steps, users can guarantee that they are set to receive their airdrop allocation without any issues, maximizing their engagement within the STEPN community and ecosystem.

The FSL Points Airdrop for Trailblazer Badge holders is a great initiative to reward active participation and loyalty within the community.

Early visibility of unclaimed points provides transparency and trust to users, while highlighting the importance of keeping contact information up-to-date so as not to miss future opportunities.

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