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How to start playing Megaweapon, the W2E Battle Royale game?

The famous school of thought that blockchain games are just gaming options that pay users cryptocurrencies is far from the truth. Recent times have seen the development of GameFi projects that offer players immersive gameplay experiences. One of them is Megaweapon. In this article, we educate interested people on how they can start playing Megaweapon.

What is Megaweapon Blockchain Game?

Megaweapon is a straightforward battle-royale game that uses the win-to-earn mechanism. During the course of gameplay, users face off against each other in arena matchups. Every battle offers new challenges, none of which is the same as previous ones. You get to unlock new levels, acquire better weapons and destroy more difficult targets as you climb up the ranks.

Another essential part of this game is staking. You can stake your weapons, tokens and other digital assets to gain access to competitive contests. Once you have access, you must bet some of your staked tokens to enter the arena. Once inside the arena, do everything necessary to outlive over fighters. You can kill them and collect their portions. Only the last person standing will activate the Megaweapon and receive bountiful rewards.

This is very different from play-to-earn, which emphasizes rewards. This gameplay option focuses more on the immersive experience. This is why it fosters PVP gaming and encourages players to have fun.

How to Start Playing Megaweapon

NFTs to start playing megaweapon

As mentioned above, you need an avatar, weapons and Megaweapon tokens to start playing the game. Once you have the game’s token, visit the staking website to stake it. It is from these stake tokens that you will gamble with. You can purchase $WEAPON from UniSwap.

The team earlier redeployed $WEAPON ERC-20 with new smart contracts for staking. Therefore, only use the official domain address for staking to avoid losing your funds. The next step after obtaining the cryptocurrency is getting NFT avatar. They are known as Degenerator. After getting an avatar, you will also need to purchase weapons. You can purchase these digital assets from OpenSea.

To start playing Megaweapon, you must understand that the game is not yet fully launched. However, the team announced that it is opening new slots for Alpha Testing to include more participants.

To join this alphas testing, follow these steps:

  • Create an account on the Megaweapon TestingHub.
  • Check your email for possible approval for slots.
  • Join the Discord Server to know when it is your turn to test the game.
  • Participate in the testnet on the specified day and time. Use the download link sent via the  “brief / debrief” channel.

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