Axie Infinity Homeland Beta Promises Sky-High Earnings for Active Players
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Axie Infinity Homeland Beta Promises Sky-High Earnings for Active Players

Axie Infinity, the successful gaming platform based on Web3 technology, is about to launch its long-awaited Homeland Beta on January 24, 2024, marking a new era in its evolution.

The company revealed its plans to increase daily active user (DAU) engagement through improved rewards during this phase of play.

During the Beta, players who actively participate in their plots will be able to enjoy more generous rewards than ever.

This will be achieved through a combination of increased daily broadcasts, Moonfall, Moonbeam, and rewards from various quests and events.

These rewards will be powered by AXS, previously used for land staking, as the latter comes to an end with the start of the Beta.

The company also shared some exciting features that will be rolling out with the Beta, such as a Land Delegation marketplace, non-fungible Axie (NFT) integration, quality materials, and a major graphical revamp for the game.

The key focus during the Beta will be the plot utilization ratio in Lunacia, also known as the plot utilization ratio

This will show the relationship between land plots and actual players, and will hopefully encourage a more diverse player base through a robust reward structure.

To increase earning potential, the daily earning limit on each plot has been raised to 2.7 times more than during the Pre-Beta.

Axie Infinity Announces Significant Updates and Improvements to Its Star Game, Homeland Beta

Additionally, more ways to earn rewards are introduced, including Moonfalls, Moonbeam, quests and events, with a 2.4x increase in the Moonfall reward pool.

Axie Infinity also announces the end of land staking rewards, which were implemented in July 2022 as a temporary measure to reward patient investors during the development of Homeland.

The company is now committed to rewarding active participation in the game, thus fulfilling its initial promise.

A delegation system is introduced that allows landowners to earn rewards through collaboration with other players.

Finally, Axie Infinity thanks the community for their continued support and highlights the progress since the early days of Axie.

The Beta is presented as a foundation for even greater growth in its flagship land-based game.

Players are encouraged to provide comments and opinions on Discord and other platforms.

Axie Infinity is paving the way for a more immersive and rewarding gaming experience with the launch of the Homeland Beta, marking a significant milestone in its evolution.

These updates promise not only improved rewards, but also greater interaction and collaboration within the player community.

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