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PolkaFantasy Beta Phase 2 Goes Live

PolkaFantasy has launched Beta Phase 2 of its Japanese Animation and Comics-inspired game. This version is available for playing on macOS and Windows-powered devices. It will be available to players from 10:00 UTC on the 9th of February till 01:00 UTC on the 24th of February.

During this period, participants will get to test the following aspects of the game:

  • Game screens
  • Designs
  • Effects
  • Characters status.

The features above are still under development and subject to change. It is the feedback that those who join the testnet provide that will serve as the framework for modification.

Meanwhile, participants should understand that there will be no rewards for joining the PolkaFantasy Beta Phase 2. In addition, contestants cannot transfer weapons, character upgrades and other achievements into the next beta version or the official edition.

Details of the PolkaFantasy Beta Phase 2 Guide Book

PolkaFantasy Beta Phase 2 Guide Book

While announcing the launch of Beta Phase 2, PolkaFantasy also issued a guide book. This is the manual that players will usher players into the testnet. It contains information on how to play the game, create a new account and other aspects of gameplay.

To join this trial, users must download and install the game. Before doing so, they must ensure that their computers that meet the following requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 10 or 11, macOS13.
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-9600.
  • RAM: 4GB, with at least 1GB free.
  • Storage Space: 2GB available storage or more.
  • Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 1060 or Apple M1

If your PC meets these requirements, use this link to download the .exe file. Select your operating system to ensure you download the compatible version. When you have the file, follow this guide to install it on your device.

With the installation complete, follow these steps to create an account:

  • Visit the PolkaFantasy Marketplace.
  • Click on “Sign Up”.
  • Input the necessary details to create a new account.
  • Verify your email
  • Login with your new access details.
  • Connect your wallets to the platform if you have PolkaFantasy NFTs you would like to use.

Before installing the game, it is essential to note that Beta 1 is a different software package from Beta 2. Therefore, installing Beta 2 will not overwrite Beta 1. Before downloading the new edition, you must uninstall or delete Beta 1 from your computer.

In addition, PolkaFantasy did not add a security license to Beta Phase 2. Players may not be able to install the software on their computers if they have antiviruses. They must add the game client to the security software’s exclusion list. In addition, users may need to change the PC name to only include single-byte characters.

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