Join an Exciting New Season of My Neighbor Alice
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Join an Exciting New Season of My Neighbor Alice

Today, we are about to see Alpha Season 3 launch in the game My Neighbor Alice! This season takes gaming to a whole new level in a major partnership with the fashion and lifestyle brand ELLE.

By combining fashion, lifestyle, and gaming, this new season creates an immersive experience for players. New features like townhubs, free renting, and a simple crafting system improve the gameplay and inspire more creativity. To make the game more accessible, there is also a free trial.

Craft Unique Items with Ease in My Neighbor Alice

Firstly, the new crafting system will transform how players experience the game. Players can now use blueprints and tickets to create various goods. They can also participate in activities like fishing and farming to get materials.

Finally, they can use crafting tables to make their own custom items too. Crafting adds more ways to customize the game and interact with other players. Players can build simple items like fences and tables, as well as more complicated things like gates and fountains.

Craft Unique Items with Ease in My Neighbor Alice

Bridge Tokens for the First Time in My Neighbor Alice

Secondly, players can now use $ALICE tokens in the game to craft special items. This new feature is the first to bridge $ALICE tokens from Binance Smart Chain to Chromia Appnet.

So, it links the worlds of fashion, lifestyle, and gaming. Interested players can learn more details about this development on the Chromia Blog.

An Exclusive Partnership with ELLE

Thirdly, the partnership with ELLE brings fashion, lifestyle, and gaming together in the game. In the game, ELLE will appear as a neighbor with plots in all active areas. Players can complete quests and get unique ELLE-branded products designed for the game world.

A Free Trial for All

Finally, the free trial shows the goal of the developers to include everyone. There are two types of free trials. “Share Land Plots with Friends” lets players co-own land in the game world.

On the other hand, “Free Trial for New Users” gives new players a lot of land for a short time. The developers aim to provide an experience comparable to standard land ownership. So, the fascinating world of My Neighbor Alice can be open to all.

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