Mines of Dalarnia Explains How to be a Part of its Multiverse
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Mines of Dalarnia Explains How to be a Part of its Multiverse


  • Community-Centric Development: The Dalarnia Multiverse is expanding with new play-to-earn games, and the community plays a crucial role in this growth through the Dalarnia Launchpad, which allows players to playtest, provide feedback, and vote on new game integrations.
  • Game Categorization: Games within the Mines of Dalarnia are divided into First Party Games, integral to the multiverse and using $DAR currency, and Partnered Games, which are developed by external creators and integrated into the ecosystem.
  • Structured Onboarding Process: New developers undergo a rigorous three-stage process for their games to be part of the multiverse, including project submission, basic integration with features like DAR ID, and full integration for established projects based on community feedback and performance.

The Dalarnia Multiverse continues to expand its horizons with innovative play-to-earn experiences. The Dalarnia Launchpad serves as a pivotal gateway for this growth, empowering the community to shape the future of gaming.

The DAR Open Network has emphasized the community’s role in the development process. Through the Dalarnia Launchpad, players can engage in playtesting and provide feedback on Proof of Concept prototypes. 

This participatory approach extends to voting on whether projects should be integrated into the Multiverse, although this does not apply to flagship games like Dalarnia Legends and Dalarnia Nexus.

First Party vs. Partnered Games in Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia Explains How to be a Part of its Multiverse

The Launchpad categorizes games into two distinct types: First Party Games, which are foundational to the Dalarnia Multiverse and utilize $DAR as their native currency, and Partnered Games, which invites external developers to join the ecosystem.

For developers aiming to become part of this thriving multiverse, the onboarding process is meticulously structured to ensure quality and alignment with the Dalarnia vision. It involves three key stages:

  1. Project Submission: Developers submit their projects for a comprehensive review by the DAR Open Network team, assessing the team’s capabilities, game design, and smart contract security.
  2. Basic Integration: Successful projects are added to the Launchpad, integrating features such as DAR ID for account management and listing NFT collections on the Dalarnia Marketplace.
  3. Full Integration: Reserved for established projects, this stage allows the Dalarnia community to propose games that have demonstrated success and potential for further growth within the Multiverse.

The Dalarnia Launchpad not only discovers new games but also ensures that resources are focused on the most promising prototypes based on community feedback and key performance indicators. 

With the community’s involvement, the Dalarnia Multiverse is poised to offer a diverse and engaging gaming experience, underpinned by the robust DAR Open Network. As the multiverse evolves, so does the anticipation for future projects that will enrich this dynamic and player-driven ecosystem.

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