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Alien Worlds Announces its Galactic Hubs Grant Program

Alien Worlds, a popular play-to-earn blockchain-based game platform, has announced the launch of its Galactic Hubs Grant Program.

Alien Worlds gaming platform is committed to providing an enabling environment for creators to explore and bring their exceptional ideas to life as they contribute to building the metaverse. In light of this, the gaming platform is set to launch its Galactic Hubs on May 16, 2022.

What is the Galactic Hubs Grant Program?

The Galactic Hubs grant program is a resource hub designed to help fund the innovations of Alien Worlds community members. Members with the vision to build innovations in community building and software development are the primary targets for this program. 

Galactic Hubs is community-led and decentralized and it is open to teams, projects, and bootstrapping individuals that want to make remarkable contributions to the development of the Alien Worlds metaverse. Galactic Hubs will offer Grants and Awards to help facilitate and sponsor the progressive growth of the ecosystem.

In launching the Award Program, Galactic Hubs will hold an inaugural Guardian Award. This event will pay tribute to community leaders that have supported Alien Worlds through its journey to becoming a successful blockchain games project. 

What to Expect from the Galactic Hubs Inaugural Guardian Awards

The Galactic Hubs Inaugural Guardian Awards will be a virtual ceremony and will take place at the Alien Worlds Live show, which is slated for May ending.

The event will have up to five members from each online community be the recipients of the Guardian Awards. Winners of the awards will get a payout of about 500 to 5,000 Trillium. This will also come with a customized NFT badge

alien worlds

Highlights of the Grant Program

Grants are generous contributions from projects, companies, and individuals to impact the Alien Worlds’ vision positively. These grants are ideal for marketing initiatives, infrastructure projects, and developments that benefit the overall ecosystem. Here are the highlights of the grant categories:

  • Technical Infrastructure: For building applications, utilities, add-ons, and more
  • eSports and Gaming: Creating bridges to gaming ecosystems and blockchain games
  • Art and Collectibles: Including collectibles, digital arts, and limited editions of digital assets
  • Storytelling: Covering video, media, news, community engagement, and streaming.

There are three tiers of the grant programs: which are accelerated grants, milestone grants, and pioneer grants. The grant will launch in waves and the first submissions will start on May 16 and extend to August 16.

Interested participants can submit a proposal, which must include grant amount, category of interest, idea description, anticipated project impact, and anticipated needs and challenges.

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