Illuvium Launches Major Update Introducing new Features
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Illuvium Launches Major Update Introducing New Features


  • Illuvium Hotfix 0.3.4: Arena addresses the balance of Polar Bear and Frost.
  • 2 hour downtime is expected during deployment.
  • Full details available in the online patch notes.

Illuvium, the exciting strategy game, has announced the release of the long-awaited Hotfix 0.3.4 for its Arena.

This patch focuses on addressing several issues, primarily focusing on the Polar Bear Illuvials line and Frost affinity, while also addressing some newly identified bugs.

One of the key focus areas of the Hotfix is ​​the Polar Bear Illuvials line.

It has been noted that this lane was dominating the game’s meta, so adjustments have been made to balance its power and make it more competitive without losing its unique essence in the game.

Additionally, changes have been made to Frost’s affinity.

Addressed issues related to Frost stacking, its radius of effect, and its interaction with other game mechanics such as Behemoth stuns.

These modifications have been carefully implemented with the intention of enhancing the overall gameplay experience, striving to create a more immersive and enjoyable environment for every player involved.

The primary objective behind these changes is to foster a sense of fairness and balance throughout the game, ensuring that all participants can fully engage and immerse themselves in the world of Illuvium without encountering any undue advantages or disadvantages.

Hotfix deployment involves an estimated downtime of approximately 2 hours, during which all necessary fixes and adjustments will be implemented.

Once the game is back online, it will be announced through official channels, giving players the opportunity to enjoy the newly implemented improvements.

For more details on the changes introduced in this Hotfix, players can check the updated patch notes on the game’s official page.

These notes provide a detailed description of all modifications made, allowing players to fully understand the impact of the fixes and adjustments on the blockchain-game experience.

The team behind Illuvium greatly values ​​the feedback from the gaming community

Players are encouraged to share their feedback and suggestions to help drive ongoing game improvement efforts.

The partnership between developers and the player community is vital to guaranteeing a vibrant and engaging gaming experience for all enthusiasts of Illuvium.

Hotfix 0.3.4 marks another step forward in Illuvium’s commitment to delivering an exceptional gaming experience, addressing important issues and improving overall gameplay.

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