Join the Sidus Heroes Hedonism Tournament and Win Big!
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Join the Sidus Heroes Hedonism Tournament and Win Big!

The Hedonism Center is opening soon, and the first sidus heroes Hedonism Tournament is about to begin. To kick off this epic event, we have the Space Lords Contest.

This is a 3-week challenge where you can show how rich and powerful you are. All you need to do is deposit $SIDUS and $SENATE tokens and collect Rich Points. The more you deposit, the higher your rating will be.

Sidus Heroes Prize Details for Space Lords

The conversion is simple. 1 $SIDUS equals 1 Rich Point, and 1 $SENATE equals 100 Rich Points. Only deposits made between now and the start of the tournament will count. Your rating is the sum of all your deposits during this period.

The top 5 winners will become Space Lords and get 10% of the Prize Pool, plus other amazing rewards. The best of the best will be the Galaxy Lord and get a rare resource called a Gladstone, worth 1,000,000 $SIDUS.

The Space Lords Contest is LIVE, so you can deposit now and become the biggest whale in this metaverse!

Sidus Heroes Prize Details for Space Lords

Hedonism Tournament: Battle with Heroes and Win Prizes

The main event is coming soon — the Hedonism Tournament. This is a thrilling competition where you can battle with Heroes and win prizes. To join, you need to buy an entry ticket for $1 in $SIDUS. The ticket fees go directly to the Prize Pool, which already has $50,000 in $SIDUS from the Galaxy Council!

You don’t need to own a Hero to join. You can use Heroes that are provided just for this event. They are all equally matched, so it’s fair for everyone.

Additionally, the rules say that there are 30 battles in total, 25 battles are best-of-2, and 5 battles are best-of-3. So, get ready for a fierce competition where many winners will get valuable trophies, resources, and token prizes!

Hedonism Tournament: Battle with Heroes and Win Prizes

How the Prize Pool is Shared

The Prize Pool comes from the ticket fees and the contributions from the SIDUS Team. This means it can change depending on how many people join. NIDUM Arena Battler Tournament Pool Allocation includes 10% as royalties for the Richest Sidusian.

Also, 20% will be royalties for Module Contributors, 30% will be royalties for SIDUS HEROES, and the tournament prize pool is 40%.

Additionally, there is also a special $50,000 Pool. 10% of that is royalties for the Space Lords, 30% is royalties for Module Contributors, and the remaining 60% is the Tournament Prize Pool.

Also, please note that the platform reserves the right to change the distribution of interest in the future.

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