Life Beyond macOS Software Now Available for Apple USers
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Life Beyond macOS Software Now Available for Apple USers

Life Beyond has launched the macOS version software of its game. The team wants to introduce more individuals to the ecosystem and increase its user base. Even better, the new product features a unique launcher that makes the experience even more worth it.

Life Beyond macOS Version: All You Need to Know

Although this was not part of the roadmap for 2023, the adjustment was necessary to meet player demands. While updating the launcher, the team decided to make the game available for people using MacBook computers. Even better, the macOS software will incorporate the new features that will be in the updated version for Windows computers.

From 5:00 PM CET, Life Beyond will make the macOS version available for users. They will be able to download the app launcher from The Hub. Thanks to the new launcher, people can easily download new updates when they become available. More importantly, players will have access to very much every aspect of gameplay. They can enjoy adventures into the Dolos Craters Region.

General Updates and Patches

General Updates and Patches

As the update goes live, PC users should notice an automatic change in the game’s launcher. This new addition will make gameplay access far more accessible than it was before. Anyone who experiences difficulties with an automatic upgrade should this link to download the new version.

In addition to the launcher and Mac app, Life beyond is also introducing several in-game modifications. One of these changes involves reducing the recoil time and improving the shooting range of the training sniper. In addition, this gun will deal better damage for shots up to 60 meters. However, the impact will not be very devastating after this range.

Meanwhile, players will not fall off the edge anymore while they are slow walking. More so, people will be able to navigate rocky areas more seamlessly than before. This is because Life Beyond has fixed the bug that causes in-game avatars to become stuck during the climbing animation.

Furthermore, the user’s weapon will begin firing again if a player reloads immediately after running out of ammo. This will avoid the confusion that arises when people have to manually restart the shooting process because they reloaded.

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