Ronin Network Adds New Developer Features on Builders
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Ronin Network Adds New Developer Features on Builders

Ronin Network has done many things in the last four months. It has changed its way of reaching consensus to Delegated Proof of Stake. It has partnered with game studios and DeFi projects and hosted its first NFT mint by a third party with CyberKongz.

They want to support builders who create on their blockchain. Also, there are some new features for developers that will make Ronin more open.

Randomness with Ronin VRF

Ronin VRF is a feature that creates random values and proofs on the blockchain. These can be used for many purposes, such as giving NFTs random traits, making games more varied, and rewarding users with prizes.

For example, Sky Mavis used Ronin VRF to give CyberKongz NFTs random traits and IDs on their launch. Soon, developers will be able to use VRF for their own experiments as well.

Accessibility with Ronin Wallet SDK

The Wallet SDK is a feature that makes it easy for developers to connect their dApps to Ronin users. It is a Javascript SDK that can be added into Javascript dApps with little effort.

Accessibility with Ronin Wallet SDK

So, developers do not need to update it manually, and they can upgrade it when they want. Some developers have tested it and liked it a lot. So, the platform will soon make it available for everyone to use.

Interaction with Ronin RPC Services

RPC Services is a key item that lets developers interact with the blockchain without running a node. Over $4B in transactions and supported games and validators/delegators are processed using this service.

The RPC endpoint allows developers to request data from the blockchain, such as sending transactions and checking balances.

HTTP-RPC Endpoint

The HTTP-RPC endpoint is a feature that lets developers use Ronin’s on-chain data in their games. WebSockets allow developers to get real-time updates from the platform instead of asking for them manually. The Archive node allows developers to access historical data as well.

Improvement with Revamped Documentation

Sky Mavis has improved Ronin’s developer documentation with a new look, updated content, and new features. The docs cover topics such as API keys, NFT contract steps, and the new RPC services.

Also, Docusaurus allows developers to add to the docs using code workflows. Diataxis organizes the content better for developer needs. All in all, these features make it easy for builders to use the platform.

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