Yield Guild Games GAP Season 4 Goes Live
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Yield Guild Games GAP Season 4 Goes Live

Following the successful completion of three prior seasons, Yield Guild Games is launching GAP Season 4. Even better, this edition will feature the most preferred games of community members that were not part of YGG’s portfolio in the past. The team wants to improve participation, which is why they are offering users their favorite gaming options.

In Season 3, 545 people participated in this program. During that same period, they minted 1,635 achievement NFTs. To ensure that members get an even better experience, YGG is incorporating feedback from the GAP council. The information from this body will serve as the framework for this new season.

Understanding the Yield Guide Games GAP Season 4

The Guild Advancement Program is an initiative designed to grow the community. YGG is launching a new series of this event by the 3rd of August. This season will continue till the 27th of September. This promises to be the most impactful GAP, with the guild adding 2 new games to the options. Furthermore, participants will enjoy an additional 60 new quests.

More so, the Yield Guild Games GAP Season 4 will feature new a new group questing process. Henceforth, players will need to form of group consisting of five individuals to complete 25 quests. This new measure means that individuals can now work with more people to get larger rewards.

Understanding the Yield Guide Games GAP Season 4

Meanwhile, YGG is reintroducing streaming, content creation, and designing achievements for non-gamers. In addition, users will also utilize Meta Quest to propose quest ideas that contestants can engage in. The GAP Council and YGG core members will review and approve these proposals before adding them to gameplay.

Some of the gaming options that will be part of this new experience include the following

  • Axie Infinity.
  • Big Time.
  • Castle Crush.
  • Champions Ascension.
  • Crypto Unicorns.
  • Genopets.
  • GensoKishi Online.
  • League of Kingdoms.
  • My Pet Hooligan.
  • Pixels.
  • Skyweaver.
  • Splinterlands.

How to Join the Guild Advancement Program Season 4

How to Join the Guild Advancement Program Season 4

Like with prior editions of this event, only individuals who hold a YGG Guild Badge can join the contest. Anyone who does not have this digital asset can mint one via the Polygon network.

Once you have this NFT, follow these steps:

  • Visit the YGG dapp Achievements Website to access the available achievement, criteria for completion, and their respective rewards.
  • Join the YGG Discord Server to get details of the guidelines for participants and schedules of the tournament. There are dedicated sections for each game. Therefore, people should communicate with creators to get comprehensive information.

Yield Guild Games will utilize a leaderboard to show the best contestants. Everyone should monitor the leaderboard and monitor their performance.

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