Tiny World Shares the Latest Updates on Its Platform for Fans
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Tiny World Shares the Latest Updates on Its Platform for Fans

Tiny World is evolving all the time, and it keeps getting updates and additions for the fans as well. The latest update includes several new things, so read on to find out what they are and how they will make the platform better.

Platform Statistics

Tiny World has hit major milestones lately, including over 250,000 registered users. The total NFT trading volume has now surpassed $20 million. So far, over 450,000 NFTs have been minted on the platform.

There are currently 45 million TINC coins in circulation and with over 48 million already burnt. The Tiny Kingdom Market alone has seen more than $7 million in trading volume.

The treasury fund sits at over $1 million, while the buyback pool is now above $280,000. Just this week, more than 150,000 TINC burnt off in various ways.

Referral System Launch

Referral System Launch

An exciting new referral system has just gone live for all Tiny World users. This presents a great opportunity to earn rewards by inviting friends and family to join the platform. Be sure to take full advantage of this new feature and start referring others today. The more referrals, the greater the rewards.

Content Creation Contest

In celebration of the successful zkSync launch on Tiny World, a content creation contest is now running from July 28th until August 11th. This is the perfect chance for users to showcase their creativity on social media.

Content Creation Contest

To enter, simply share your content through text, images, videos, or any other formats. The best submissions will win prizes from a pool of 200 Tinymon Imprints and 300,000 Crystals.

Entries will be judged based on originality, so think outside the box. Share your passion for Tiny World for a shot at the rewards.

Summer Zeal Event

Right now, a fun Social Quest event called Summer Zeal is happening on the platform. Jump in on the activities and challenges to earn even more rewards.

It is a great opportunity to engage with the awesome community. Team up with other users to maximize the experience and your rewards during Summer Zeal.

Looking Ahead

With major features like the referral program as well as exciting events like the content contest and Summer Zeal, the game platform continues its immense expansion. The future looks very bright, with many more updates to come for loyal fans.

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