Tiny World zkSync Mystery Rune Pre-Sale to Begin on June 26th
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Tiny World zkSync Mystery Rune Pre-Sale to Begin on June 26th

The pre-sale for Tiny World zkSync Mystery Rune NFTs will begin soon, and there’s a lot to look forward to.

The pre-sale of the games NFT’s is going to begin on June 26th, and we are sharing all the details about it here. So, keep reading to find out more.

Tiny World to Hold Three Pre-sale Rounds

As per an update from Tiny World, the pre-sale will last for 3 rounds of 24 hours each. Round 1 will start right away at the starting time, and it will last for at least 24 hours. So, if all NFTs in the previous round sell out in 24 hours, then the next round will begin. There are 3000 NFTs in each round, so you will need to grab yours quickly.

Pricing for Each Round

In Round 1, 3,000 Mystery Rune NFTs will be available for 0.025 ETH each. So, if those sell out in 24 hours, then Round 2 will offer another 3,000 Mystery Runes priced at 0.0275 ETH. Finally, if Round 2 sells out in 24 hours, then Round 3 will offer the final 3,000 Mystery Runes. The price for those will be 0.03 ETH.

The total number of Mystery Rune NFTs for sale during the entire pre-sale event will not be more than 9,000.

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Rules Set by Tiny World for All Players

After buying a Mystery Rune NFT, users must claim it on the pre-sale page after the platform officially launches. You can either trade your Mystery Runes later or use them to summon Tiny Hero NFTs with different rarities.

Discounts for Whitelist Users

Whitelist users can buy up to 20 Mystery Runes at the lowest Round 1 price of 0.025 ETH. However, this is only possible during the first 10 minutes of each round. Afterward, they can buy up to 30 Mystery Runes at the regular round price.

Summing Up

Tiny World zkSync Mystery Rune pre-sale gives early players a chance to get a head start in the upcoming game. Closed beta tests are also live for Tiny Kingdom and Tiny Dungeons. So, Tiny World zkSync will launch soon with new zones, gameplay, and adventures. The pre-sale event lets players get ready for what is coming in Tiny World zkSync.

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