Gods Unchained officially launches on Epic Games Store
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Gods Unchained officially launches on Epic Games Store

The web3 trading card game Gods Unchained is launching soon on the Epic Games Store. This is a huge opportunity for the game to grow. Let us tell you exactly how this will affect the game and what you can expect from it.

Epic Has a Massive Existing Audience

Firstly, the Epic Games Store currently has over 230 million registered PC users. So, seeing Gods Unchained on that store will mean one very key benefit. It will be easily accessible and discoverable for this enormous base of PC and card game fans.

The Goal Is for Mainstream Players

Secondly, the developers want the game to appeal to mid-level and hardcore mainstream trading card and strategy gamers beyond just its original web3 audience. So this will bring in a lot more players and expand the game’s popularity.

They Updated Their Brand for Wider Appeal

Thirdly, the Gods Unchained name and logo were refreshed to seem more modern and appealing to non-web3 gamers. In addition to that, the rebranding also aims to make the game attractive to a mainstream audience and grow.

Epic Has a Massive Existing Audience just waiting for GODS

The Team Remains Committed to Web3

Despite the branding changes, the developers show they remain committed to their original goal. Therefore, they’ll stay at the top of web3 gaming while competing with traditional card games and keep their values alive.

Epic Can Help Showcase Web3 Gaming

The Epic Games launch gives new players an accessible way to discover what web3 gaming offers through this game. This kind of boost will certainly prove to be a great thing for web3 gaming in general.

The Branding Will Roll Out Over Time

Over the next month, players will start to see the refreshed Gods Unchained branding across different platforms and channels.

More Mainstream Exposure and Competition

Finally, the Epic Games Store launch is an opportunity for much broader mainstream exposure and the chance to compete directly with top card games on a massive scale.

Summing Up

In conclusion, the Gods Unchained launch on the Epic Games Store is huge because it exposes the game to Epic’s enormous existing player base. The brand update aims to appeal to mainstream players beyond just web3 gamersThe Epic launch gives a chance for mainstream recognition and competition that could propel the game into the highest tier of trading card games.

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