Tiny World zkSync to Introduce TES Subscription and an Airdrop
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Tiny World zkSync to Introduce TES Subscription and an Airdrop

The Tiny World team has had a lot of feedback to work with since they launched the TERA token on zkSync. Due to being a lot like Luna’s token Terra, people were having concerns about the token’s repute

So, to address those issues, they have renamed TERA to Tiny Era Shard, or TES. The subscription campaign for this token will be open soon, and users will also get to enjoy an airdrop. Furthermore, joining TES early will also lead to a lot of great benefits for users.

Understanding What TES is

In short, TES is an ERC20 token that is part of the zkSync Era chain on Tiny World. This is going to be the main source of commerce and incentives on the chain as well as an incentive for all users in the tiny world as a Play to earn game.

TES Supply on Tiny World

The total number of tokens available on the platform is 200 million, and there are no quotas for it either. So, investors and teams will not get anything exclusive from this token. Half of these will go to old supporters of the platform via an airdrop, while the rest will go out via the TINC subscription. The subscription will last between 2023/06/13 08:00 AM UTC — 2023/06/19 08:00 AM UTC.

Understanding What TES is

Distributing the TES Token

A total of 1 million TES will be there as a subscription amount for users, and they can use BNB Chain wallets to participate. Buyers must spend a minimum of 500 TINC to get the token and once the event is over, they will get the tokens according to the amount of TINC spent. After the event, 80% of the TINC will be burned with the rest going to TinyDAO treasury.

Details on TERA Airdrop on Tiny World

This is solely for appreciating the long-term uses and supporters of the platform and will consider several factors. The query time is 2023/06/13 08:00 AM UTC and players can claim and collect the airdrop manually when the zkSync version comes live. Out of the total airdrop, only 40% will go to users right away and the rest will remain locked for 3 months. Finally, they will go out to their owners for six months.

For the most up-to-date info, we suggest that you keep an eye on the official website as well.

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