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MOBOX Unveils Release Date for Dragonverse Neo V2

In the course of January 2024, MOBOX, the gaming and cryptocurrency platform, shared a summary of its latest advancements and achievements through its newsletter. At the beginning of this new year, the MOBOX community has already witnessed exciting developments that will shape the platform’s future.

The standout event is the launch of Dragonverse Neo Alpha, the first-ever co-created and co-governed open world. This innovative initiative allows the community not only to actively participate in content creation but also to influence the evolutionary direction of the world. Since its launch on January 2, 2024, MOBOX has been attentive to valuable community feedback, using it as a guide to continuously improve the user experience.

The version 2 (V2) of Dragonverse, known as “DragonverseNeo V2,” is scheduled to be released around February. This new version promises to include aspects such as tokenomics and diverse gameplay, encompassing elements like combat, simulations, PvPย and more. Additionally, there is an expectation of the integration of assets such as Dragonstones, Gems, and dragon powers, which will undergo asset mapping.

In just two weeks since the launch, MOBOX has implemented various enhancements, such as the creation of the governance page, critical error fixes, graphic improvements, the addition of a soundtrack, resolution of installation issues, and fixing bugs in mini-games. Additionally, features like zooming in/out of the view, shortcuts in the in-game UIs, and optimization of the Content Delivery Network (CDN) distribution to increase download speeds in certain regions have been introduced.

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MOBOX Breaks All Molds with Co-Creation and Co-Governance

The upcoming planned updates cover a wide range of features, from basic functions like token deposit and withdrawal to advanced systems such as asset creation and consumption, stamina fatigue system, Gacha system, ranking, inventory, and more. These updates promise to further enrich the user experience and offer more diverse gameplay.

Regarding the governance of Dragonverse Neo, the governance portal has been launched, allowing the community to participate in key decisions about content, features, and game mechanics. The initial proposals were successful, highlighting the release of new mini-games and default options for the soundtrack, backed by widespread community participation.

Additionally, MOBOX initiated a buyback and burn program for $MBOX, with impressive figures indicating a dynamic weekly burn. This program, combined with significant trading activity on the BNB chain, underscores the strength and demand for MOBOX in the market.

MOBOX has started the year with strength and dedication, committed to its community and determined to advance its vision of providing unique gaming experiences driven by blockchain technology. With Dragonverse Neo as its flagship, it promises to continue leading innovation in the gaming and cryptocurrency space.

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