Golden Bros Grand Launch
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Golden Bros Grand Launch Set for July 28th

Cube is proud to announce that the Golden Bros Grand Launch date is the 28th of July 2022. The company will introduce the complete version of this game by 00:00 UTC. This comes after working on the tokenomics for the past three months, using data from the Early Access Period.

To increase anticipation, the team gives insights into what to expect. According to the press release, this will help players understand the new economic structure. This move will increase the demand for GBC and drive up its value. This is because there will be more use cases for this token.

Details of the Golden Bros Grand Launch

Once the Golden Bros Grand Launch goes live, it will be available in more than ten languages. They include English, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Thai, French, and German. Furthermore, the Golden Bros blockchain will only function well on the CUBE launcher.

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Below are some features to expect from this new product:

  • New Mining Bonuses: Upon launch, there will be a higher level that will allow for an increase in GBC mining. This means there will be fewer intentional defeats, use of bots and creation of multiple accounts by users. In turn, this move will further ensure fairer gameplay. In addition, there will be more improvements to increase competition.
  • Collection Cards: There will now be three levels of cards. In addition, the victory bonus allocation will now be multiplied by a maximum of 2.47 to a minimum of 16.9. Users will also have to burn N-grade costumes before they can start acquiring Collection Cards. This will be in addition to the opportunity to get a mining multiplier of up to x16.9
  • Withdrawal Limits and Value Maintenance: Players must have a minimum of 300 gadgets before they can make any withdrawals. Likewise, users can also withdraw up to 300 assets within 48 hours. However, this depends on their current level. By doing this, the team aims to mitigate the oversupplying of the market. This will ensure the tokens have a stable value in the long run. It will also enable you to make steady profits. Finally, there is a significant relationship between the Collection card and the Costume NFT.

While this is the grand launch, the decisions in this update are not final. As mentioned earlier, they are the results of the feedback from the early access. There will be substantial changes (if necessary)  going forward.

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