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Yield Guild Games Introduces the YGG Arts Contest

Yield Guild Games has been keeping its community busy in a while. Not so long ago, the Guild launched the maiden edition of its Manager’s Cup. It has also entered into a number of partnerships, one of which took place on the 1st of December. Despite all these strides, the Guild is not slowing down. Yield Guild Games introduces the YGG Arts Contest. This announcement came via their Discord Channel. Here are details of this contest.

Details of the YGG Arts Contest

Prize pool for YGG Arts Contest

This arts contest will run from the 1st of December to the 23rd of December. There will be three categories that participants can enter to partake in this contest. They include:

  • Still Picture Emoji
  • Animated Emoji
  • Christmas Emoji

Here are further details of the YGG Arts Contest:

  1. There will be three winners per ctageory
  2. Winners will benefit from a 300 $YGG prize pool
  3. Asides the winners, the creators of the other emojis that YGG will use on Discord or Telegram will receive 10 $YGG each.
  4. To participate, you must be part of the YGG discord channel.
  5. Submit entries in JPG or PNG.
  6. Ensure that submissions are in the highest possible resolutions.
  7. YGG will distribute rewards to winners via their Tip.cc bot on discord.
  8. Submit your entries using the official link

Although it gave details of winners per category, it did not state if participants can partake in multiple categories. To get an idea of what to design, interested persons can view YGG ASSETS to see samples.

YGG Purchases Big Time NFTs

Even with the ongoing arts contest, YGG continues to grow its portfolio. It is currently working and supporting Big Time by purchasing no less than $US500,000 worth of NFTs. Big Time is a play-to-earn and free-to-play game. In this game, players team up to travel through time, fight monsters, clear dungeons and earn NFTs.

Speaking of this partnership, here is what the CEO of Big Time (Ari Meilich) said:

“I’m thrilled to be working with YGG on the launch of Big Time. Our goal is to create the world’s first AAA blockchain game. So partnering with a guild focused on excellence makes for a natural fit. YGG has redefined what a gaming community can be. Their involvement has made our vision for SPACE, the NFT that will allow Big Time players to customize their universe within the game possible. It’s a testament to our friendship and our commitment to building a better metaverse.”

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