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Sperasoft to Develop Star Atlas Metaverse

In the current blockchain gaming trend, the Metaverse is everything. Before now, games were about giving a straightforward storyline to players. Players see through the storyline till the end, and that pretty much sums up everything. Maybe a few in-game mini games, but that is as diverse as it can get. With the metaverse however, blockchain games’ gamelay is far who wholesome. It is no wonder that Star Atlas is working with Sperosoft to develop the Star Atlas Metaverse.

Immersive Star Atlas Metaverse

Star Atlas and Sperasoft announces that they will be working together to develop an intergalactic blockchain gaming metaverse. This announcement came via their medium page. Star Atlas game offers gamers the experience on cosmic travels through space and time. In this journey, players will conquer planets and earn non-fungible tokens.

Star Atlas Metaverse

Some months ago, Star Atlas has been working with the best engineers, artists and designers from Sperasoft. The aim is to bolster the game’s universe, universe and the user experience. However, it was only recently that they decided to make it official. Speaking of this partnership, here is what Michael Wagner (CEO of Star Atlas) had to say:

“We’re thrilled to continue our expansion of onboarding Triple-A developer Sperasoft to this project to make the vision of a rich and vast metaverse a reality. We look forward to working closely with their talented team to leverage their extensive experience and design prowess to ensure Star Atlas maintains its position as a leading innovator across gaming and the metaverse”

With its partnership with Sperasoft, Star Atlas will be able to offers players high end cinematic quality. Also speaking ahead of this partnership is the COO of Sperasoft – Denis Larkin, this is what he had to say:

“Sperasoft has begun a partnership with Star Atlas to create the unique and creative gaming metaverse to push the envelope on space games, Our experts are incredibly excited to take the game to the next level. With the vision for Star Atlas, the sky’s the limit when it comes to how this game can grow.”


Sperasoft is a leading video game development company based in the heart of Silicon Valley. It hasdevelopment centers in the USA, Poland, and Russia. Sperasoft offers fully international development capabilities with comprehensive professional teams.

Its projects are constructed with the best producers, engineers, designers, and artists in the gaming industry. Over the last 17 years Sperasoft has grown to over 600 developers. It has alsoopened four offices around the world, and is now engaged in a new level of cooperation with customers.

The company is fast becoming a co-developer for the world’s most famous publishers. Sperasoft is a part of Keywords studios — one of the most esteemed international technical service providers to the global video games industry.

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