Genopets Level Up Guide
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Genopets Issue Level Up Guide

Genopets – the world’s first move to earn game has unveiled its level up guide. This will help players with more ways to increase of their animal spirit’s level. Doing this is important as the stage of their in-game character determines its size, aesthetics, and attributes such as its Step Efficiency Rating.

Genopets evolutions cuts across 12 stages and 78 levels of growth. However, not all of them are available to all players. You must get to certain points before you can unlock the next phase. As each stage represents a key milestone. For example, a stage 1 Baby can only get to stage 2 after it has been able to climb up to level 8. This process is crucial as the different periods signify significant milestones in a character’s journey.

The Genopets Level Up Guide

Convert Energy to XP in Genopets

To enable users to go about the level up process with ease, Genopets is issuing a guide to that effect. As such, anyone looking to make the most of the game can follow his tutorial:

  • Go about your daily life and ensure to stay active or be on the move. This is because Genopets records your movement in the background. More so, it does not matter where you are. It counts every step you take. Even when you walk from your desk to the photocopier to pick up a printed document. The process does not require a GPS.
  • Login to your Genopets app at the end of the day. Ensure to monitor to track your steps daily. This is crucial towards levelling up your pet. In addition, it will also help you build and maintain healthy habits. Ensure you are consistent in your efforts to generate Energy. So much that you can bank on yourself to initiate a specific range of steps on a daily basis.
  • Convert the Energy you have accumulated into Experience Points (XP). However, there is so much more that you can do with the Energy you generate with your movement. With it, you can also create your own gaming experiences. There are still other ways to utilize it.
  • Use the converted XP to level up your pet. Every user starts the game with a free level 1 Genopet. This in-game character does not offer many benefits. But upgrading its level and stage gives additional advantages. For example, the higher the grade of your pet, the more efficient their energy conversion becomes. Furthermore, your pet becomes rarer with each upgrade.

On an important note, you can only upgrade your pet up to level 12. Once you reach that stage, you will not be able to convert Energy to XP any more. Instead, you can channel it into other uses – like creating your own game experience.

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