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Axie Classic: Grand Tournament Starts Tomorrow! Here is How to Register


  • The Competitive Season 3 of Axie Classic starts tomorrow. Offering a championship with a reward of 2000 AXS and the chance to qualify for the World Cup.
  • Guilds can compete for a total reward of 10,000 AXS. The top eight will qualify for Guild War 1 with an additional prize pool of 5000 AXS.
  • Improvements in the user interface and visual art. Along with the ability to remove participants in private tournaments and changes in the Cursed Coliseum.

The highly anticipated Competitive Season 3 of Axie Classic begins tomorrow, bringing a series of novelties for players and guilds. With significant updates to the game’s user interface and visual art, as well as huge rewards at stake, this season will be one of the most competitive to date.

The new competitive season of Axie Classic introduces a seasonal championship with a total reward of 2000 AXS, in addition to the chance to secure a spot in the World Cup. Players can compete in the Arena ranking or the Grand Tournament, where the top eight from each mode will secure their place in the championship. The Grand Tournament, whose registration will be open from May 23 to May 28, consists of five elimination rounds. Each round awards gold and guild points, culminating in the top 16 players earning a spot in the seasonal championship.

Axie Commits to Fixing Bugs Arising After the Update

Parallel to the individual competition, guilds also have the opportunity to position themselves in the guild leaderboard. Qhich offers a reward of 10,000 AXS. Guilds can accumulate placement points throughout the season. The top eight at the end of the season will qualify for Guild War 1, with an additional prize pool of 5000 AXS. This season is also the last opportunity for guilds to accumulate placement points before the start of Guild War 1.

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One of the most important updates this season is the improvement of the art and interface of Axie Classic. The developers have implemented a new artistic design to refresh the game’s appearance and enhance players’ visual experience. Although the update is expected to bring some unforeseen bugs. The development team is committed to fixing them quickly and plans to release a final version of the new art by the end of next week.

Another new feature is the improvement in the private tournament function. Hosts will now have the ability to remove unwanted participants from their tournaments, an update that directly responds to community feedback and aims to improve the control and management of these events.

Additionally, changes have been made to the Cursed Coliseum and guild milestones. The daily races in the Cursed Coliseum have been reduced from 8 to 6. Allowing players to complete their daily sessions more quickly and improving the sustainability of the game. These changes, based on suggestions from guild leaders. Aim to prevent the creation of multiple accounts and ensure a fairer gaming experience.

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