DeRace Provides Details About Latest Updates, Including $ZERC Bridge
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DeRace Provides Details About Latest Updates, Including $ZERC Bridge


  • Token Swap Launch: zkRace has launched the DERC to ZERC token swap, marking a significant milestone. The swap aims to provide a seamless transition and enhance the GameFi infrastructure with the new ZERC token.
  • Staking & Referral Program: A new ZERC single-sided staking farm is introduced, and a Referral Program is in development to boost community engagement and reward users.
  • $ZERC Bridge Release: The ZERC bridge on ChainPort enables secure cross-chain transactions, increasing ZERC’s liquidity and accessibility across multiple platforms.

zkRace, the pioneering NFT horse racing game and zk-rollup infrastructure for GameFi, has announced a series of updates that mark significant advancements in its ecosystem. The updates include the launch of the DERC to ZERC token swap and the introduction of the ZERC bridge, among other developments.

DERC to ZERC Token Swap

The zkRace team has successfully launched the anticipated token swap from DERC to ZERC, a move that represents a major milestone for the platform. The swap process was meticulously designed to provide users with a smooth transition experience. 

The development team’s extensive back-end work ensures secure and efficient transaction execution. The ZERC token is set to unlock new utilities, bolster zkRace features, and reinforce the GameFi infrastructure.

Users are encouraged to swap their tokens on the zkRace platform, and a comprehensive guide is available to assist with the process. It is important to verify the contract address during the swap:

  • Ethereum: 0xf8428A5a99cb452Ea50B6Ea70b052DaA3dF4934F
  • BNB Chain: 0x9c47e503b2f497e9ad9f1c0dfa6bd9fd5456aa4e
  • Polygon: 0xe1b3eb06806601828976e491914e3de18b5d6b28

ZERC Single-Sided Staking

DeRace Provides Details About Latest Updates, Including $ZERC Bridge

zkRace has also introduced a new ZERC single-sided staking farm on its platform. This feature operates similarly to the previous DERC farm, with the same score calculation method. Although scores from the DERC farm do not carry over, they are linked to the user’s wallet address, allowing for the claiming of Liquid Love NFT rewards based on previous scores.

Referral Program Development

The zkRace team is developing a new Referral Program with a focus on creating an intuitive UX/UI. This program will enable users to refer friends and earn ZERC, fostering community growth and engagement.

Launch of the ZERC Bridge

In line with the ZERC launch, zkRace has released a ZERC bridge on ChainPort, facilitating secure cross-chain bridging between Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. 

This enhances the liquidity and accessibility of ZERC, allowing users to trade, stake, and utilize the token across various platforms. ZERC is now live and listed on major exchanges, with more listings anticipated, providing the community with increased engagement opportunities.

About zkRace

zkRace, formerly known as DeRace, is at the forefront of the Web3 gaming revolution. With the integration of the ZERC token, zkRace is set to redefine the GameFi landscape and invites the community to join in this groundbreaking journey.

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