Gala Game's Mayhem Week 4 Starts Today!
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Gala Game’s Mayhem Week 4 Starts Today!


  • Week 4 of May Mayhem promises to be the climax of the event, with exciting competitions in Common Ground World and Legends Reborn.
  • Rewards are offered to top players and guilds in various activities, including NFT competitions, board games, and cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • An LFG-sponsored meme contest is announced, as well as exciting updates to games like Last Expedition and exclusive opportunities to purchase VOX items.

Week 4 of May Mayhem in Gala Game’s brings with it the promise of exciting competitions and rewards for avid participants.

May Mayhem is a celebration event organized by Gala Games that takes place throughout the month of May, packed with exciting activities, competitions, and rewards across a variety of games and platforms.

In Common Ground World, guilds will face off in a competition focused on the Jewel Set, where collaboration and teamwork will be key to victory.

Guild members will compete for the chance to win up to 240k $GALA, with rewards distributed equally among participants.

In addition, improvements and discounts on NFTs, such as the Masterful Distillery and the Monumental Snowman, are announced to make them even more attractive to collectors and players alike.

In Legends Reborn, the competition continues with rewards for the top players in games played and games won, with $2,000 of $GALA up for grabs.

Gala Game's Mayhem Week 4 Starts Today!

Gala Game’s offers rewards for the most active trades of a selection of tokens throughout the week

In a delightful twist, LFG steps up to sponsor a meme contest, offering players the opportunity to flaunt their cleverness and originality.

Furthermore, games like Last Expedition introduce exciting enhancements, such as Mission Ready, promising to provide an even more immersive and demanding gaming experience.

To top it off, the incursion of VOX in Last Expedition presents players with an opportunity to secure exclusive ProtoVOX by actively participating in the event.

With the enticement of a Last Chance Mystery Box waiting at the end of the month, players are encouraged to capitalize on the opportunities available during this final week of May Mayhem, ensuring they engage in all the thrilling activities and reap the rewards the event offers.

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