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Nakamoto games to Announce Naka Punks Mystery Box Results With Chainlink VRF

Nakamoto Games sold NAKA Punks to users as Mystery NFT boxes not too long ago. As the name states, no buyer will know the contents of what they purchased till they are unveiled. This approach can be tricky and quickly breed distrust among investors. In this regard, the team has decided to use the Chainlink VRF to announce the results of this sale.

While updating their community members on this decision, the team also gave reasons for choosing Chainlink. According to them, this blockchain’s solutions are products of cutting-edge research that have stood the test of time. As such, it generates and verifies on-chain security to ensure that only approved random numbers are added to the smart contract.

How Nakamoto Games Will Ensure Transparency With the Chainlink VRF

Nakamoto Games will be incorporating the Chainlink VRF when distributing NAKA Punks NFTs. This Verifiable Random Function is a decentralized oracle network on the Polygon mainnet. It offers a tamper-proof and auditable source randomness that generates random numbers and assigns them to the various mystery boxes and available NFTs. Users will then receive digital assets corresponding to their boxes’ numbers.

Unlike most RNGs, this system ensures that everyone is treated fairly and that the process is transparent. The program is not just using any hidden format to generate numbers. After announcing the results, the team will publish the smart contract details for independent audits.

The Chainlink Verifiable Random Function

Before making a request, the VRF combines anonymous block data with the oracle’s node pre-committed private key. This will generate a random number and cryptographic proof of the entire process. When Nakamoto Games connects its APIs to these nodes, the NAK Punks NFT’s smart contract will only accept a random number with cryptographic proof.  Meanwhile, the cryptographic proof can only be created by a tamper-proof VRF.

In this regard, NAKA Punks NFTs will be distributed via an automated and unquestionable on-chain process. Neither Chainlink nor Nakamoto Games team members will be able to influence the process. This approach is crucial, especially for the growth of this blockchain gaming and metaverse ecosystem. It currently offers 18 different gameplay options, and they are all tied to the brand. Errors emanating from a single process could have a negative ripple effect and adversely affect other products.

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