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Nakamoto Games Unveils NAKA Punk NFT Collection

A play-to-earn gaming platformNakamoto Games, has announced its latest innovation, a set of risk-free NFTs it calls the NAKA Punk NFT Collection. These NFTs will be available for public sale after the presale event, which starts today, July 15. 

The game metaverse reveals that these NFTs come with some special benefits that go beyond the face value of the NFTs. A total of 10000 NAKA Punks will be available for public sale at a minted price of $200 per NFT.

Each NAKA Punk comes with its rarity and characteristics. Holders can determine the NFT value using the rarity calculator in the Nakamoto Games ecosystem. Rarer NAKA Punk NFTs generally have higher speculative value and better potential return for holders.

What are the Benefits of the NAKA Punk NFTs?

As mentioned, the NAKA Punk NFT has a wide range of benefits, which make them a valuable acquisition for members of the community. When a user buys a NAKA Punk NFT, they get a NAKAVERSE property, which is worth $500.

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This is more than twice the value of the NFT in itself. All NAKAVERSE asset holders will make significant passive income when they mine resources on their properties in the metaverse. They can sell these resources on the marketplace and make money.

Additionally, they will also receive a part of the revenue of the Nakamoto Games. According to the game platform, owning NAKA Punk NFT is a profitable investment, thanks to the continuous growth of the games and features on the platform. 

More Advantages of Owning the NAKA Punk NFTs

The team has also issued a guarantee for anyone unsatisfied with the NFTs or the benefits. If you are unhappy with your purchase, you can sell it back to the platform for the price you purchased it one year after the minting event. This makes it a risk-free investment for you.

For the buyback to be valid, you must not have redeemed any airdrops or NAKAVERSE property during your ownership. The NFT also comes with exclusive membership to the Satoshi Gaming Club where users can have access to private presales for different disruptive gaming projects in the blockchain industry.

The minting event is slated to take place today, July 15, and it is worth mentioning that the initial contributors to the game’s ecosystem will have the first access to the NAKA Punk NFT sale before the general public sale.

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