Dragonary IGO and Trading Competitions Rewards
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Dragonary Issues Dragonary IGO and Trading Competitions Rewards

On the 20th of January, Dragonary launched its IGO on the Binance marketplace. As part of the IGO, there several trading competitions. Following the end of the Dragonary IGO and trading competitions, the game is issuing winners their various rewards. Announcement of this reward distribution was made via the Dragonary Blog. Here are details of the prize rewards.

Details of the Dragonary IGO and Trading Competitions Rewards

Over the course of five days, participants traded their BNB tokens for participation tickets, Poison Dragon and Island NFTs. Although the IGO has ended, users can still get the above mentioned NFTs from the Binance marketplace. Trading these NFTs will give users the opportunity to get from the $10,000 worth of BUSD prize. In addition to the prize money, you can also win one or more of the 900 Mystery Boxes.

To win from these prizes however, users must trade between the 20th to the 27th of January. This is because Dragonary will take a ranking snapshot of all trading activities by 11:00 UTC. Any transaction after this period will not count. Rewards will be done according to transaction volume. The more you trade, the higher your rank in the Dragonary IGO and trading competitions. Traders in the top 50 ranks will get various rewards.

  • Those in the top 3 ranks will get 1 Island NFT each.
  • The top 20 users will share in the $10,000 BUSD prize pool.
  • Finally, the top 50 users ranked by trading volume will share the 900 Dragonary Mystery Boxes rewards

Going by the reward system, one user can earn from two or more categories. Dragonary even gave down a breakdown of how it will share the mystery boxes to all the winners. Below is the breakdown of mystery boxes’ rewards for winners:

  • 1st place → 189 Mystery Boxes
  • 2nd place→ 162 Mystery Boxes
  • 3rd place→ 126 Mystery Boxes
  • 4th place→ 45 Mystery Boxes
  • 5th place→ 36 Mystery Boxes
  • 6th place→ 20 Mystery Boxes
  • 7th-10th places→ 18 Mystery Boxes each
  • 11th-20th places → 10 Mystery Boxes each
  • 21st-50th places → 5 Mystery Boxes each.

Dragonary’s IGO in Numbers

Dragonary IGO and Trading Competitions Rewards Details

Dragonary IGO on the Binance marketplace was a huge success and the figures prove it to be true. There were more than 23,000 tickets subscribing to the purchase of 14,000 NFT poison dragons. As a result, the game had to return the excess BNB it received. In less than six hours of the beginning of the IGO, all Poison Dragons were sold out. In total, Dragonary reached 328,896.82 USD in total trading volume. This number therefore puts the game as the top three creator of the week.

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