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Bot Borg Issues the Borgverse Chronicle #1

Bot Borg is ensuring that its community members stay up to date with its happenings. To do this, it will be issuing weekly updates – Borgverse Chronicle. Being the first of this update, the Borgverse Chronicle #1 will be addressing current pressing issues. The first edition of this Chronicle was issued via the Bot Borgs medium page. Here are the details of this update.

Details of the Borgverse Chronicle #1

As mentioned earlier, this update addresses pressing issues. It includes the benefits of holding $Botborg token. Another issue this release addresses is the FUD spreading amongst its community members. Bot Borg calms it community members by providing insights of its current steps and future plans.

$Botborg and its Benefits

$Botborg offers numerous benefits. This includes both within and outside the game. As regards in-game benefits, holders get to upgrade their in-game assets much faster. This is because they will get double XP, compared to non-holders. With better upgrades on vehicles or digital assets, players have a higher chance of winning the PVP mode. Winning the PVP planets is very important in Bot Borg.

Reason is that winning PVP allows players access to a 24 hours leaderboard. This leaderboard will reset every 24 hours. Once it resets, top performers will receive the game’s native token as rewards. In addition, only users holding $Botborg will be able to rent out their assets and earn passive rewards. Furthermore, Bot Borg is an inter planetary game. Players are able to travel between the different PVP planets.

Borgverse Chronicle #1

Players can simply fly from one planet fly from one planet to another. However, this mode of traveling is dangerous and risky. Other gamers can shoot you down or you can crash into asteroids. If you have $Botborg, you can use the portal travel system. To use this portal system, non-holders will have to pay a travel fee. However, the portal travel pass is for free.

Users who hold the $Botborg token will have early access and testing benefits. They will also get early access and allocation of the any token IDO within the Bot Borg space.

Addressing FUD

For some time now, there have been FUD among some Bot Borg community members. The game is reassuring them of its commitment to the project. In the last 24hrs, it has hired 3 new people onto its game development team. It also had a meeting with a highly experienced team that works on game tokenomics for blockchain games. Bot Borg is also setting up YouTube videos/live collaborative discussions to create more awareness about it project.

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