Axie Homeland Alpha Season 3 is Live
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Axie Homeland Alpha Season 3 is Live

Axie Infinity has released Homeland Alpha Season 3. The third edition of this gameplay comes after the launch of the Land Delegation. With this new measure in place, even individuals who do not own land NFTs can still join the game. They can easily get plots from existing owners.

To ensure more exciting gameplay, the team is introducing a new feature that enables players to steal points from other contestants. Meanwhile, there is a management system that will enable landowners to track their assets. While announcing the launch of Season 3, Axie Infinity also shared details of everything participants need to know.

Details of the Axie Homeland Alpha Season 3

Season 3 of Axie Homeland will begin on the 21st of June and continue till the 26th of July. Within these five weeks, players will be opportune to share from a prize pool of 5,000 $AXS. In addition to the token rewards, there will be hot air balloons as decorations for plots and badges for the top-ranking participants. Meanwhile, anyone who attains season achievement will earn avatars that they can use for a specific period.

As with tradition, Homeland Season 4 will include two leaderboards, namely: Passive Adventure and Land Development. The best 500 participants from each leaderboard will earn $AXS tokens according to a pre-arranged formula. Meanwhile, these general rewards are different for contestants that reach specific milestones. Instead, those who attain seasonal achievement are the individuals that will receive badges and limited-time avatars.

Axie Infinity Details of the Axie Homeland Alpha Season 3

Meanwhile, Axie Infinity is looking forward to the innovative ideas that players will incorporate into the Land Development Leaderboard. This is why the team is rewarding players who have the highest rating with hot air balloons. Anyone who obtains a seasonal achievement will receive a simple balloon, while those who rank high on the ratings will get a fancier version.

In the prior Homeland Alphas series, only landowners could join the event. Following the release of Land Delegation, however, even individuals who do not have digital plots can now join the Axie Homeland Alpha Season 3. Lunaicans who have in-game plots can delegate them to other users without losing control. There will also be a Plot Management Board to enable people to monitor their assets.

SpyX Ragoons Attack

Axie Infinity is launching a PVP mode known as SpyX to Homeland that will help players steal ranking points from other participants. The process involves sending a Ragoon to an adventurer in battle on separate land. If the opponent attacks this disguised creature, they will lose all the points that they get from that duel, this is better explained in the video that Axie published on youtube. 

The team promises to release a more-detailed tutorial about this feature in the coming days. Nonetheless, users can try out this attribute to gain practical knowledge of how it works.

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