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Axie Infinity Releases a Balancing Patch to Boost Competitive Play in 2022

Axie Infinity, a play-to-earn, virtual-world game platform, recently announced the launch of a balancing patch before the release of its Season 20 game tournament. According to the game platform, the balancing patch release is to make room for play-testing to discover any unplanned mechanics and effects, and fix the same before the new season launch. 

That means players can expect to witness a series of hot fixes before the formal launch of the Season 20 event. The game platform revealed that once Season 20 is released, the mechanics and stats of the card will remain static all through the season. 

However, in the case that the platform experiences a mechanic slip during the game, Axie Infinity will notify the community and request their input. Nevertheless, the platform believes that a balancing patch that is launched will significantly reduce the possibility of experiencing any mechanic slips.

Highlights of the Balancing Patch Changes in Axie Infinity

The main goal behind the balancing changes to the card is to make sure that every card is unique and adequately powered. This will guarantee that all cards have balanced features of strengths and weaknesses

Axie Infinity is going this extra mile to ensure perfect balancing in its game because it believes that a well-balanced game is much more exciting and as its game gets more exciting, the economy grows and strengthens. Suffice to mention that the game platform is targeting the next two weeks from the launch of the balancing patch to launch the Season 20 of its game.

axie infinity esports grant

In other news, Axie Infinity has released the second round of Axie Esports Grant, which features a total of 7500 AXS for five months. The total grant will be distributed across over 75 different events. The goal of this grant is to boost competitive gaming in 2022. 

What to Know about the Axie Esports Grant

The application process for this round of grants is currently live. The allocated $AXS fund for the Axie Esports grant will be available to over seventy-five community tournaments. To qualify for the grant, a minimum of 20% of the final participants of the tournaments must be from open qualifiers, which must be announced three weeks in advance. 

Additionally, the tournaments must offer live streams of events in four different languages, including English, Tagalog, Portuguese, and Spanish. Acceptance of event proposals from community tournament organizers is currently ongoing and will run from January 15 to January 25.

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