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Mist Metaverse Reveals the Elves’ Race Abilities

Mist Metaverse, a play-to-earn MMORPG open-world game metaverse, has revealed the details of the racial abilities of the Elves. It is worth mentioning that the Elves are long-living creatures that immensely value wisdom.

What are Elves in Mist Metaverse?

The Elves have lived on Midirim for a very long time and love living in harmony with their environment, especially nature. They do not attack without careful thought because they are highly calculative. The Elves can be vengeful, especially if they feel insulted.

Thanks to their long life span, they can master various combat arts types and ancient magic secrets. Additionally, Elves have high respect for every part of life, including death. There are different types of Elves. Some like to explore dark types of rituals, even though they may not engage in the rituals for malicious reasons.

They simply want to study because they value knowledge and nature and try to understand different areas of life.

mist metaverse

Unique Features of Elves in the Mist Metaverse Gameplay

The Elves have different unique features and they can change with the balancing of game skills and mechanics. Here are the highlights of the features of the Elves.

Poison: This passive ability enables the elves to use poisonous plants. The Elves have mastered the science of herbs and understand how to use them for different purposes. Swords and Daggers have 0.5% potential to reduce the enemy’s pace by 10% in two seconds.

Sweet Pot: This ability also gives the Elves about a 10% higher chance of a critical hit. This applies to attacks and healing abilities.

Dark Focus: With this ability, the Elves have a 10% higher hit-box for enemies for a wide range of attacks.

Vampiric Essence: When this ability is activated, it gives the Elves the opportunity for the next five spells to drain to about 2% of the mana of the opponents and also heals the player.

Night’s Child: This ability is only for casting. When it is activated, it enables an Elf to become undetectable for about sixty seconds or until it gets hit or attacked.

What the Mist Metaverse is all about

The Mist is a play-to-earn MMORPG game metaverse where players battle epic monsters, collect NFTs and explore the endless immersive environment within this blockchain-based Action RPG platform created on the Mist NFT Framework.

The game platform connects to the native token of Mist as the in-game currency, which allows members to stake and farm tokens to earn both in and out of game rewards.

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